Parquet Wood Floor

Out of the many types of flooring materials on the market – carpet, tile, laminate, terrazzo, etc., the parquet wood floor remains a favorite. Parquet flooring is available in “tile” shape and is composed of pieces of wood put together in a pattern. Each tile is held together prior to installation with a backing, usually a thin, flexible plastic or fabric mesh.

Given the many patterns available today, anyone seeking a pleasing one should have no problem finding one. Wood patterns vary from the simple and understated to the very complex and feature a variety of wood species. One interesting combination is to play off dark wood grain against light wood grain to achieve a three dimensional effect.

Removing Floor Parquet

Floor parquet is very popular flooring that is used in homes, condos and apartments. It is wooden flooring that holds up well in high traffic areas and is reasonably easy to clean. However, if you would like to replace the parquet with a different floor covering, removing floor parquet can be a little tricky. This article will cover some of the basics to help you with the project.

History of the Parquet Floor

Installing Subflooring

There are many different types of flooring projects that require the use of subflooring to do well. Installing subflooring is not extremely difficult and is something someone can do as a home project. There are some basics that you should know about installing subflooring before you begin the project.

Building Codes for Your Area

Snap-Together Laminate Flooring

Snap-together laminate flooring is a great alternative to regular hardwood flooring. Often times, laminate flooring looks just as good as hardwood flooring and sometimes better. It is a less expensive option and easier to lay.

Refinish Bamboo Floors

Maintaining floors a long time is a homeowner's wish, and some may want to refinish bamboo floors to keep them beautiful a long time. Bamboo floors are so low maintenance and durable.

They have become the floor of choice for those households looking for a floor that is versatile, beautiful, and laid almost anywhere with minimal preparation. Its cost is lower compared to hardwood floors, and it is stronger than competitively priced softwoods.

As a rule, a mild soap and water solution after sweeping up is all you should need to maintain beautiful bamboo floors on a daily basis. Yet, sometimes after years of wear and tear, you may need to refinish the bamboo floor to work out any scratches or worn areas.