Bamboo Flooring Care and Maintenance

As with any other flooring product, your bamboo flooring care and maintenance is very important. You need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and pay due care and attention to keeping your floors in tip top condition so that they will last for years without the need for repairs or replacement.

For the most part, care and maintenance of bamboo flooring is pretty much the same as for hardwood flooring. It’s naturally hard wearing and will perform beautifully even in high traffic areas. Because it’s so easy to look after, you can actually install bamboo flooring in bathrooms and kitchens without the concern you would have about dampness if your floors were made of hardwood. It’s used in stores, hotels, offices, clubs and cinema lobbies, illustrating its toughness and versatility.

Prevention is Better than Cure

It’s always a good idea to put preventative measures in place to keep your bamboo flooring out of harm’s way. Keep mats at all doorways so that dirt, sand and grit that would ordinarily be traipsed into the room can be removed from shoes.

Obviously, clean or vacuum the mats at regular intervals. If possible, avoid wearing high heels, especially those with exposed metal, on your bamboo floors. Such dents are very difficult to repair … or live with.

If you have to move heavy furniture, electrical appliances or other bulky items, place a piece of upturned carpet underneath so you can drag them softly across the floor. Investing in a few packs of floor protector pads is a brilliant idea as it absorbs any impact in isolated areas.


Care and maintenance of your bamboo flooring is a cinch if you tackle problems immediately. Wipe any spills or food from the floor instantly using a clean, damp mop. Even though bamboo is beautiful resistant to moisture, it’s still in your best interests to take swift action.

Do not use any harsh abrasives or corrosive cleaning agents. Only use what the manufacture recommends, and use it as directed. A non-ammonia, pH neutral cleaner will effectively clean away any dirt without bleaching the surface.

General Cleaning

Care of bamboo flooring is as simple as a daily sweep and a weekly mop. A plain, clean, damp mop is just fine; you don’t need one that is impregnated with oils as this only makes the surface slippery and doesn’t have any real other benefit.


Bamboo flooring maintenance is easy as well. About three months post-installation, you can apply a protective wax coating but make sure it is suitable for bamboo. Then at 3 to 6 monthly intervals you can repeat the coating.

Even though bamboo flooring is robust and easy-care, it’s a good idea to relocate items of furniture periodically to avoid any inconsistencies in shade caused by sun fading. The sun’s harsh UV rays can penetrate and cause the color to fade, and you may not notice it at all until you go to spring clean or bring in new furniture. Keep things on the move every few months.

When you consider that this is a material chosen even by commercial properties, you’ll realize that its durability is a highly valued quality. Bamboo flooring care and maintenance is no different in an office or restaurant than it is at home … just as easy, only you have to clean it less often in a domestic environment.

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