Exotic Wood Flooring - Bamboo

Exotic wood flooring does not get much more exotic than bamboo. This is one of the strongest and more gorgeous of all wood floors and it is so easy to take care of. This is a very durable material that can easily last you your entire lifetime. It looks better than any other kind of wood and you can get it in several different shades and the planks can be purchased in different widths. The versatility of bamboo is why this kind of exotic wood flooring is growing in popularity as we speak.

When you get bamboo floors put in you are going to need to get a professional to install them. This is not the kind of exotic wood flooring that simply snaps together that you can do on your own, you will need some help. This does not mean that your floors have to cost you an arm and a leg however, you can find plenty of professionals who will provide this service for a good price.

It is important to note that of all the exotic wood flooring out there, bamboo is the most eco-freindly and smart choice available. Using regular hardwoods like pine, ash and oak as floor covering depletes the forests that we need so desperately but using bamboo does not.

There is plenty of bamboo to go around and it grows like a weed no matter where you plant it. You just cannot go wrong with this kind of wood flooring in your home. Bamboo can actually grow over ten feet each and every year. This is a replenishable resource that makes for the perfect floor covering, everyone should have it in his or her home.

Technically it is not really wood at all, in fact bamboo is a type of grass but because of the fact that it looks like wood and feels like wood those who sell it generally sell it as exotic wood flooring.

When you choose exotic wood flooring like bamboo, you are choosing to do the environmentally safe thing and you are choosing an easy to take care of flooring. The unique look of this kind of floor is going to bring another level of beauty to your entire home and this beauty will be noticed by everyone who walks in.

Some other Types of Exotic Woods Used for Flooring Include:

    Patagonian Cherry
    Blackheart Ebony
    Brazilian Chestnut