Formica Laminate Countertop

Installing a formica laminate countertop can be a great weekend project for someone who has a bit of carpentry experience, a basic tool set, and a desire to transform a kitchen or bathroom area into a shining example of contemporary design. The convenience of having a Formica laminate countertop can turn a messy kitchen into a pristine cooking space, and the sleek durability of this material can give a dingy bathroom an exciting new look that will continue to feel fresh for quite some time.

Inexpensive Upgrade

If you are searching for a fun project that can give you big results without a hefty price tag, installing a Formica laminate countertop can be a great way to upgrade an area of your home. The first and most important step towards success with this kind of project is preparing your counter for installation.

The easiest way to get a new Formica laminate countertop is by starting with a preformed countertop. A counter that is already created will take a lot of the hassle out of your project. To make sure that you take the right countertop home from your shopping trip, take all the necessary steps towards accurate measurements.

Measure Carefully

This means taking very careful notes about the area where you will be placing your counter, and being certain to include your desired front end overhang in your calculations. The standard size for an overhang is generally one inch in size, but you may want to deviate a bit from this norm depending on the layout and style of the room where you will be installing the countertop.

You may need to saw your countertop to get a professional looking custom fit. To do this, run a strip of masking tape over where you will be making the cut, and then mark your cut line onto the tape rather than onto the counter. This will make it easiest for you to make an accurate measurement and a clean line.

Follow the marked line carefully with a fine toothed handsaw. By cutting through the tape, you will be able to avoid damaging the laminate surface with the saw. A Formica laminate countertop should be pristine on the day that you install it, and this extra step can help you ensure that you get top notch results at the end of all of your work.

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