Free Standing Indoor Fireplaces

Heating a home used to require a fireplace or a wood burning stove. Today, technology has enabled homes to be heated through a furnace and a forced air vent system. However, the blazing fire of a fireplace still warms peoples hearts and fireplaces are popular features of a home.

Since many homes do not have a fireplace free standing indoor fireplaces are creative ways to decorate a home. Free standing indoor fireplaces have become a way to have the look and feel of a traditional fireplace, without the added mess and maintenance.

    Apartments, homes without fireplaces and inner home rooms are all areas a free standing indoor fireplace can be put

There are many free standing indoor fireplaces designs which include wood finishing, brass, faux stone, faux marble and some even offer elegant storage cabinets. A benefit to the free standing fireplace is if you move you are able to take it with you or if you want a different look to your home you can move it to a different room.

The power sources used for free standing indoor fireplaces are electricity or gel burning. Electric operated free standing fireplaces contain logs that light up as if they were burning them. Electric fireplaces can be used as a space heater when purchase with a blower to distribute the heat.

Gel burning free standing indoor fireplaces are powered with gel packs that burn up to three hours. A few benefits of the gel burning fireplaces is they do not increase your electric bill and the gel can be scented to smell as though it were burning wood or with additional aromas.

The gel is made up of isopropyl alcohol and organic thickeners which offer a smoke free environment. Gel burning fireplaces are mainly for atmosphere pleasantries, but they do not offer a heating source for the home.

Free standing indoor fireplaces can be found on the Internet, in home improvement stores or in home decor stores. The cost of an electric free standing fireplace ranges from around $500 and can go up to around $2000+. Electric fireplaces can operate for around two to fifteen cents per hour.

Gel burning free standing fireplaces can be purchase for as low as $200 and up to around $1000 depending on the size and style purchased. A gel canister that lasts up to three hours costs around two to three dollars which makes it a little more expensive to operate. Additionally, scented gel fuel costs a little more.

Determining which free standing indoor fireplaces are for you depends on your budget and on the intended use of the fireplace. If you would like to have it to generate heat as well as give you a flame look electric is the way to go. Gel burning fireplaces, however, offer the ability for real flames and scents which is seen as one of the benefits of the traditional fireplace.

There are many free standing indoor fireplaces sizes and models. Some are corner models which can enable you additional wall space and accent the room. Other fireplaces offered are those that can be placed directly against the wall and look like traditional fireplaces with a mantel.

For a more designer look free standing fireplaces are offered in styles such as the antiquated stove or even with the appearance of a wood burning potbellied stove. Additional styles offered which are less fireplace appearing are wall hangings and tables with a fire hearth set in the center.

Decor and your Fireplace

Most free standing indoor fireplaces do not require a lot of decorations added around them to make them blend in, but using traditional methods to decorate around the fireplace can offer an added accent to your home. Placing a large picture above a fireplace mantle will accent the fireplace.

The tools needed for a traditional fireplace including the tool sets which would not be used, but offer a complimenting look to the free standing fireplace. Or a screen to place around the fireplace can add another design portion to the fixture.

In addition to other traditional fireplace accessories around the free standing indoor fireplace a faux stone painted section to look as if there is a chimney attached can be painted. Or the fireplace can simple be accented with a few plants on each side.

Free standing indoor fireplaces are similar to appliances. With any appliance it is important to follow safety instruction to keep you home and your family safe. Make sure if you are using an electric power source all electric cords are in non-traffic areas. Make sure when using a gel power fireplace that there is a means to prevent children from accessing the flames.

Although free standing indoor fireplaces can never replace the traditional fireplace with all of the looks, smells and feels related to it. The free standing indoor fireplace can offer some ambiance to a home to make it a unique dwelling.

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