Freestanding Decks

The outdoors can fill you with the joys of spring, give your family extra space to develop relationships and help to lift your mood whenever you need it. That is why many homeowners are looking to establish a sense of the outdoors in their homes today with open spaces, natural light flooding in and plants and flowers that establish the outdoors indoors so to speak.

However, now you can make the most of the space you have around your home as well as in it to get that outdoors appeal and it begins with freestanding decks in your yard. Although freestanding decks are considered to be expensive because professional installation has long been preferred, you can now do it yourself.

DIY Freestanding Decks

You can build your own freestanding decks in your yard relatively quickly without having to spend a fortune to get someone else to do it for you. By doing so, you can expand the space you have available to you and enjoy your property to the fullest extent possible.

The beauty of the freestanding deck is that it is not attached to your home in any way and so gives you a separate little area on which you can place a seating area or establish a games spot. It is really up to you what you use the deck for but it allows you to escape your everyday life for a moment.

All you need to be able to build your own freestanding decks is a little carpentry skill and the relevant equipment. You may want to ask someone to help you because this will cut down the time needed to build and erect it.

Whether you attempt it on your own or with family and friends, you will need safety goggles, a circular saw, a basic tool kit and building supplies like concrete and wooden boards, all of which are outlined in the instructions section below. When you have those materials available, you are ready to start.

Building Your Own Deck

1. When you are starting to build your own freestanding decks, you will have to check whether you are legally required to have any building permits. If you do not check then you risk having an order against you to take it down at a later date. Also, you may want to tell your neighbours what you are doing in advance to save hassle later.

2. Figure out how big you want your deck to be and exactly where you want it placed. There are numerous designs available too but do not get caught up in that or else you may find that the freestanding decks you want cause problems in your yard in terms of space and convenience of location. Measure the area several times to double check the quantity of supplies required to build your choice of deck. Purchase them as needed.

3. Mark out the designated area with string in the first instance and then dig a trench around it that is approximately a foot deep. Place concrete tube forms into the trench and make sure that they are completely stable. They should be about an inch above ground level to provide a stable base for the deck.

4. Pour concrete into the trench to hold the posts in place and leave it for 24 hours to dry after double checking that the tubes are straight.

5. When the concrete is dry, use the anchor tubes to set the beams on and fasten them in place with rim joists. You should also use hangars to attach the 2×6 joists in place. Leave for an hour or so to prevent disruption to the foundation and then begin to attach the decking to the top. Screws should be used to hold it in place.

6. Finally, when the decking has been laid, cut around the edges to make sure that it is completely even. After that, use a stain or varnish to weatherproof it.