Furnishing a Basement

The basement is traditionally reserved for storing washing machines and dryers, along side anything else too big for the rest of house or too useless. Often the house dumping ground, you basement need not be useless, and by furnishing a basement, you can really transform it into another room, and ultimately add value to your house. In this article we will discuss ways to furnish your basement, to help you transform it into a great room for socialising or whatever you like to do in your spare time.


Before furnishing a basement, it is important to consider your objectives, and what the room will ultimately be used for. Talk to everyone who lives in the house, and who is likely to want to use the basement, to come up with a general idea. If it is a necessary storage space, then it is best to leave it alone. However, if it is not be used to the fullest, you could make it into another room for whatever purpose.

One of the essentials to consider when furnishing a basement is seating. If it is going to be a room for relaxation, or for socialising, you will need seating of some sort. If you cannot borrow seating from elsewhere in the house, why not visit your local charity shop, or look on eBay to find cheap, second hand sofas. After all, you do not want to splash out on furniture for that dusty, dingy basement.

Again, although it sounds obvious, ensure you can fit any seating into the basement before making a purchase to avoid any later complications. You may also want to consider lighting for your basement. It makes sense to install some lighting, as basements can be very dark places. Think about lighting that is fit for purpose, whilst still not breaking the bank.

If you do not feel comfortable about doing your own wiring, it is always a good idea to phone a professional electrician to help out. That way, you will ensure you are getting a good job, and you are not going to be at risk from electrocution. Along similar lines, you might want to think about heating for your basement, which can get quite cold in the winter time. Try portable heaters, which are very effective and easy to manage, which will avoid the need for plumbing in radiators, etc.


Another important aspect of furnishing a basement is the decor. Firstly, for relaxation purposes a carpet, or some more suitable form of flooring would be useful to cover up the nasty concrete. Additionally, when considering colour schemes, it is best to go for light, neutral colours. This will help to make the room feel lighter and less restrictive, which will ultimately make the room more enjoyable.

As ever, cost is an important consideration, and any basement decor need not be expensive. The cheapest of paints or papers would suffice, given that this room will not be a showpiece in your house, but rather a private space for retiring after a stressful day, or whatever other reason you have for furnishing your basement.

Furnishing a basement can really turn wasted space into living space, not to mention the impact it can have on the value of your home. It can be done very cheaply, and can leave you with a great space to hang out with friends, or unwind after a stressful day - so give it a go!

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