Garage Floor Coatings

If you are tired of seeing and walking on the same old dry, ugly, stained, scratched concrete garage flooring and you want a prettier and enduring garage, then you might want to consider applying some garage floor coatings. Garage floor coatings are not paint based coatings but rather special water based chemicals that help bond to the surface of your garage floor.

Epoxy coatings are the most popular type of garage floor coatings. Paint does not protect your flooring from water seepage or stains and usually has a tendency to chip and flake over time. Special garage floor coatings are usually scentless, long lasting and provide a nice glossy shine to your garage floor.

Most garage floor coating systems come with instructions and even appropriate applicators for applying and smoothly spreading the coating evenly across your garage floor. One of the major reasons for applying a coating besides cosmetics is that garage floor coatings are waterproof and can keep standing water and liquids from sinking into your concrete floor but also keep moisture within the concrete from rising out onto the surface of your garage flooring.

Coatings are also unable to scratch. So your typical traffic, wear and tear on your garage floor will not pick up scratches. One can also purchase special cosmetic coatings to add color and design to their new base floor coating.

Many colors are available and color coatings can even be applied in designs to add some flare to your garage floor. There are also non-skid material coatings that can be added to your floor, to prevent slipping on a slick surface.

Garage floor coatings are not just limited to your average two car garage but many industrial warehouses use coatings as well to protect the investment of their warehouses. Because of the smoother, non-porous surface created with the coating, dust and dirt have much less tendency to stick and collect on the surface, thus keeping a cleaner floor for longer periods. Even when your floor needs sweeping and mopping, the coating will be safe and floors clean smoothly and easily.

There are special floor coatings for automotive garages as well. For any industry that has a high exposure to staining and corrosive materials, a special garage floor coating may be in order.

Who has not ever noticed the ugly oil stained floors of most industrial garages? Not only can these chemicals leave an ugly stain, but they also lessen the resistance of the concrete foundation surface.

Eventually the concrete will begin to crumble, wear in places unevenly, and crack, all exposing your foundation to further potential damage. One may find their business's floor literally eaten right out from underneath them over time. So a durable, resistant coating is needed to protect the precious foundation of the building and prevent any large future expenses in repairing their garage surfaces.

Garage floor coatings
can typically be found at your local hardware, home improvement, or industrial supply stores. Most stores can provide you with additional support and advice on how to apply your new coating effectively. The amounts that are needed typically depend upon the total square footage of your garage. Each gallon or container of surfacing material will likely contain an estimate of how much surface it will spread over.

So protect your home or business investment today, but applying a garage floor coating. Prettier, more enduring, safer, and cleaner are all reasons to look into this valuable investment today.

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