Garden Arbor

A garden arbor can be a great landscaping feature in any garden. Having said that, to construct one of your own, it's going to require a great deal of patience and a level of skill and dexterity. In this article, we will look at a simplistic design for your own garden arbor, and how you can construct this feature to add something to your garden.

What You Will Need

Firstly, you should consult your local planning authority. There is a fair chance that there may be some regulations governing what you can and cannot build in your garden. You should make sure that you make contact with your local authority before you begin, to avoid potential problems later down the line.

After you have ensured you're permitted under local regulations to build your garden arbor, you should consider planning your project, and the materials you're going to require. You'll require lumber, sufficient to construct supports and cross-beams for your arbor.

Additionally, you'll need concrete to fill your foundations and give the structural support to your arbor, and a variety of brackets, nails and screws to secure your construction in place.

You might also want to think about drawing some architectural plans to keep you focused on the job. That way you can take a step by step, logical route to building your arbor. Now you'll be ready to begin your construction.

The Steps

Firstly, dig foundations for your garden arbor. Take care not to underestimate the depth of your foundations, as this will naturally be the bedrock of your project. Be generous with your foundations, to avoid complications later in the construction.

Next, insert your vertical supports, ensuring as far as possible that they are perfectly upright. This can be achieved with minimal effort and a spirit level. Fill with your concrete mix and allow ample time to dry. Meanwhile, repeat the procedure for your other vertical support, and allow to dry for a few days to be safe.

Then you can begin to insert your cross beams. It is merely a case of using your judgement and discretion as far as sizing your garden arbor is concerned. When cutting your beams, it's always a good idea to make them slightly longer than you anticipate to allow a margin for error. As long as you ensure you sand them down to the appropriate size afterwards, to ensure consistency, and avoid making the project any more difficult.

Next, attach the brackets to the underside of your cross beams and secure the beams in place. Finally, generously apply some weather proof coating to varnish to finish, and you'll have your completed structure!

Constructing a garden arbor is one of the more challenging DIY projects you can undertake. However, with some skill and focus, it needn't be beyond the reach of even a moderately experienced DIY enthusiast. If you feel as if you require some more direction, get everything down on paper, including your sizes.

Do the math, and calculate what you'll need, before getting it down on paper - this can be a great help for many of the less experienced among us, and can really aid the construction process. Don't worry too much about the project. If you take your time, and think everything through logically, applying the above steps, you should find the process relatively straightforward, and you should end up with a beautiful garden arbor which you can truly be proud of.

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