Garden Shed Plans

plans for garden shed being builtIf there is any place purpose built for a man and his hobbies and tools, it’s a garden shed. Being away from the garage, he can turn it into whatever he wants and keep it as tidy or as disorganized as he likes without having to justify it all.

Full of fascinating spare parts and power tools, decked out with shadow boards, practical lighting and an old, battered CD player, the garden shed is King’s Domain for the average man. Getting to build a new one is like handing over the keys to the kingdom; so many choices, so many variations on the theme. First step is to come up with a set of garden shed plans for a structure that will accommodate his things and his personality.

Plan Ahead

Before you go snapping up a bargain or choosing the first shed design that captures your imagination, you must take a good look at your needs and the spot where you’ll build your new garden shed.

Size is an important feature. Sure, you want the biggest one you can get, but you also want one that won’t compromise the use of the rest of the yard. Look for garden shed plans that allow you to carry large items in there such as redundant couches, big spare parts for the car … or a pool table! A bigger than average doorway is essential.

To Plumb or not to Plumb?

You’ll also need to decide whether you need plumbing. Of course it makes life a whole lot easier if you have a sink and even better if you have a bathroom in your shed. For some, this could be a bit like overkill but it’s still worth considering before you settle on the plans.

There are some fabulous garden shed plans to choose from. Far from being the old wooden barn style, there are sheds that would make the womenfolk envious! From pool cabanas to cottage-style structures, you may have to share space with someone else.

Online Plans

You can find a huge number of garden shed plans on the Internet. You can also buy planning software that can help you design your shed to be perfect. Alter the dimensions, the number of windows, the style and so on, and then print it out and start putting the plans to work.

The great thing about buying plans online is that they sometimes come with a DVD or a CD-ROM as an instruction manual. You might be able to download the whole thing and not have to wait for anything to arrive in the mail. Some sites even allow you to alter the plans to suit size or style requirements.

Top End Plans

For really serious garden shed plans, you can always enlist the services of an architect or draftsman, especially if they designed your home. Naturally this is by far the most expensive option but if it’s important that your shed match your house 100% then this is the way to do it. It also means you can build a shed that’s much more than a place to store tools. Some double as guest houses, children’s play rooms and cards night venues!

The biggest piece of advice for the do-it-yourselfer is not to build without garden shed plans. Having drawings to guide you is imperative and will ensure you put up a safe and sturdy structure. You can always change the way you do things but with the plans at the ready, you have a base model to start with and you just customize as you go along.

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