Garden Trellis Arch

A garden trellis can make a lovely addition to just about any yard. The beauty of using a garden trellis arch in a decorative fashion is the amount of options available to the homeowner. These decorative arches can come in a number of different materials and styles and can be placed in a variety of locations to create dramatic and enchanting effects.

Types of Garden Trellis Arches Available

Those who are looking for a garden trellis arch will likely find there are a number of different options available to them. Perhaps the most distinct decisions consumers have to make is the type of material. Trellis arches come in a variety of materials but the most basic categories are woods and metals.

However, even within these broad categories there are more decisions for the homeowner to make as there are several different types of metal and wood which are often used in creating arches.

Wrought iron is a popular option for a garden trellis arch constructed of metal but there are other, less expensive alternatives. Aluminum is another example of a metal which can be used to create a garden trellis.

Care should be taken when selecting different types of metals for use in a garden to ensure the chosen metal will be able to withstand the elements. If rain or snow is common, the trellis should be constructed of a material which will either be impervious to these elements or is treated in a manner which will prevent deterioration.

A garden trellis arch can also be constructed of wood. Although trellis arches can be constructed of any type of wood which has been treated to withstand the elements, cedar is one of the most common types of wood used for this purpose. The appearance and durability of this type of wood makes it ideal for use in creating a trellis arch for use in a garden.

Placement of Garden Trellis Arches

Deciding where to place a garden trellis arch can be a difficult decision for many homeowners. This decision is made complicated by virtue of the fact that these artistic elements make excellent additions in so many different locations.

An entryway is an ideal location for a garden trellis arch. In locations where there is a distinct entrance to the garden placing a trellis arch in this location provides an impressively grand entry to the garden or yard.

A garden trellis arch can also be used over a pathway in a garden or yard. Placement of a trellis arch in this location provides a whimsical touch which can make the garden more aesthetically appealing.

Care should be taken when using an arch in this location to ensure the spacing of the arch is sufficient enough to allow for the trellis arch to rest on either side of the pathway. An arch which is too narrow may sit on the pathway which can look unattractive and may disrupt the natural flow of the pathway.

A garden trellis arch can also be used in an open clearing. Arches are commonly used in this manner to create a location ideal for a ceremony such as a wedding. The arch may be placed on a flat surface in front of a wall of trees or besides a dramatic element such as a water feature.

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