Gas Powered Lawn Edgers

If you are serious about your lawn care, then you know that the time you put into your lawn does not start and stop at mowing. There are many other necessary things that need to be handled to make your lawn look and feel perfect. One of those things is accomplished with a lawn edger. A lawn edger goes around the lawn or driveway to get the spots and corners that a lawn mower just cannot reach. This one tool makes a world of difference when looking at a lawn that has one vs. one that doesn't.

Comparing Electric and Gas Powered

There are two main types of lawn edgers available on the market today. You can choose from electric, which come in corded and battery operated, and gas powered lawn edgers. Each specific type of lawn edger does the same basic thing so it comes down to a matter of personal preference. In most cases any lawn edger you choose should be relatively affordable and last for anywhere from a few years or more.

The big difference between gas and electric

One of the main differences between gas powered lawn edgers and electric models are the method of power they run. An electric model either uses batteries or a power cord to supply energy and make it run. Meanwhile, a gas powered lawn edger has a two-cycle engine that uses oil and gasoline to make it run.

In order to determine whether the gas powered lawn edger or the electric models are right for you, you should look to your lawn. Obviously, you will want to determine what is going to be easiest on you and best for your lawn.

Using Electric

If you decide to use an electric edger rather than a gas powered you will find that you can rely on battery power or a cord model. In either case you are going to only be able to handle a smaller yard. The battery on a lawn edger will not last forever and once it runs out you would need to recharge. Meanwhile, if you have the cord model you will be restricted to a cord or extension cord length.

While electric is good for a smaller and easier area you also need to expect to have an edger with less power than a gas powered lawn edger. The average electric edger is not going to be able to handle cutting shrubs, for example. On the positive side, if your lawn is small and your demand for an edger is low you will like electric as it is quieter and lighter than gas powered lawn edgers.

Using Gas

A gas-powered edger is a better solution for many people. While it is louder than electric and is heavier, it also packs more power and allows for more versatile use. If you have a large yard, a gas powered lawn edger will benefit more than an electric.

An electric can only go as far as the cords or battery will allow and if the connections aren't good then the power is compromised. These are not problems found with gas-powered edgers.

If you plan to use your edger a lot or have more heavy uses for it then just helping the lawn mower along then gas is also the way to go. A gas powered edger offers a more heavy-duty solution. You could easily get away with cutting shrubs and other greenery that you couldn't handle with an electric edger.

No matter which type you choose you can find both electric and gas powered lawn edgers on the Internet and locally at discount, outdoor care, and home improvement stores.

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