Genie Garage Door Openers

Genie garage door openers are named appropriately. Many consumers report that having this reliable garage door opener in their garage is a bit like having a garage-door-opening genie in a bottle.

Genie garage door openers were introduced in 1954 by Alliance Manufacturing Company, which called the first radio-controlled residential garage door opener a Genie. Its position as the first company to manufacture a garage door opener, thereby replacing the other garage door opener, called the homeowner, has kept Genie in the top echelon of garage door manufacturers.

Known for their high quality and reliability, Genie garage door openers have been considered the best product for the money for decades. Genie garage door openers are consistently rated at the top of consumer surveys, often getting "best buy" picks by consumer reporters.


Through the years, the quality and design of Genie garage door openers has changed quite a bit. These days, there are several innovative features in Genie garage door openers that keep Genie at the top of the heap.

Consider the Intellicode remote system that automatically changes the security code each time the transmitter is activated to one of billions of combinations. This new feature is designed to protect homeowners from a new method of burglary known as "code grabbing" where burglars pick up your garage door opener code via the code grabber and then use the code to open your garage and burglarize you. The Genie garage door opener system with Intellicode prevents this.

Genie garage door openers are also available with the Safe-T-Beam system. This system is an infrared beam system that can sense objects in the door's path and will automatically open the door to prevent entrapment of a person or thing.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Genie garage door opener or other opener. Experts recommend looking for quiet, dependable action, good power and speed (Genie garage door openers are capable of opening a garage door at a rate of 14 inches per second), automatic reverse (known as the Safe-T-Beam system on the Genie garage door openers), rolling codes (like the Intellicode), and wireless keypads.

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