Geothermal Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

How would you like to save from 30 to 70 percent on your home heating bills and from 20 to 50 percent to cool it to comfortable temperatures? With geothermal air conditioning and heating systems, you can! And what is more important, with savings like these, you can easily pay off the initial investment for installing a system like this in just a short time.

How It Works

Relying on thermal energy that originates from Mother Earth, geothermal air conditioning and heating systems do require a small amount of electrical power to concentrate and circulate heat and cool air through the home. But because of low overall operating costs, these amounts are negligible in comparison to conventional heating and cooling systems. And one of the benefits of geothermal systems includes replacing the need for or entirely replacing traditional water heaters and providing hot water very inexpensively.

Because of the remarkably efficient use of energy by geothermal air conditioning and heating systems, heating and cooling costs stay low, and the environment stays undamaged. These systems operate on a totally dissimilar principle from conventional furnaces or air conditioning systems. As opposed to burning gas, oil, or using electricity as a major source of power, geothermal systems utilize water drawn from the Earth.

To heat a house, water goes through a series of looped pipes that are placed below the ground or under water in a pond or nearby lake. Compressors and heat exchangers increase the temperature of the already naturally heated-from-the-Earth water and release it into the house, where it is then distributed to every room by duct fans.

In the summer, the whole procedure is reversed to provide cooler temps inside the home. By drawing heat from the house and expelling it through the looped system of pipes, geothermal systems work so that the hot air is then absorbed back into the ground, pond, or lake water, wherever the pipes have been installed. Much like how a refrigerator operates, hot air is taken out rather than cold air being pushed in.

Not a Do-It-Yourself Project

With approval from the Environmental Protection Agency, the federal Department of Energy, and many state energy commissions, geothermal air conditioning soon stands to become the preferred method of heating and cooling homes. Homeowners considering this type of heating and cooling system should not attempt to install it themselves.

Only professionals trained in accepted procedures established by the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association should be contracted to perform geothermal system installations. Only certified equipment approved by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) should be used, which is readily made known by the seal affixed to all equipment the institute endorses.

Now that you know a little about geothermal air conditioning and heating systems, why not check it out? Online information can be found with a simple search. You may just find yourself becoming one more beneficiary for one of the latest, long over-due waves of the future that ultimately helps us all.

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