How to get Rid of Snakes

how to get rid of snakesMost people would agree that snakes are undesirable. The majority of the population would agree that they do not want to look out of their window, into the garden and see snakes moving about in the area where perhaps their children play or their beloved pets. Depending on where you live, you may encounter snakes on a regular basis or you may never see a snake at all.

Snakes in general tend to shy away from humans. They are not usually looking out for us so that they can attack or do us harm. Still with the rapid development of towns and cities these days, we have tended to encroach on their territory and very often those living in suburban or rural areas will walk out of their home to find a snake in their path.

No Snake Zone

You will need to employ a variety of techniques in order to eliminate snakes from around the area where you live. Unless you are up for the idea of shooting or pounding to death every snake that you encounter, the best thing to do is make your area as uninviting for snakes as possible. You can only do this by understanding what snakes like, where they live and hide out and what factors are attracting them to the area where you are encountering them.

First of all, snakes are shy creatures. Even at the vibration of a person walking, in most cases, they will begin to move themselves out of the area or try to hide way out of harms way. They tend to coil themselves up in brush, flower beds, wood piles and areas like this. When the sun is out they tend to slither onto rock and concrete surfaces because of the heat from the sun on these surfaces. Snakes need heat to aid in their digestion so naturally they climb onto anything that feels warm.

Rats and Snakes

The first and most simple things that you can do to make your garden less inviting to snakes is to remove the types of hiding place that are described above from around your home. Also, remove surfaces that are inviting to snakes. Have you noticed that you always see snakes in a certain area of your property? What is attracting the snakes to this area?

Now, it may not be as simple as a good hiding place or a warm surface. Snakes as you know feed on rodents. If you have a family of mice or rats that hang around your home during the night, snakes will definitely come by to feed on them. You could get rid of snakes simply by eliminating a rodent problem.

Depending on your environment, rodents could be appearing from all types of sources not necessarily to feed off of rubbish and garbage from your house. Call in pest control if you find rat droppings on your property and come up with a strategy to eliminate this problem and thus eliminate your snake problem at the same time.