Glass Tile

Glass tile is hot right now. If you take a look in any of the home and garden magazines that are around, you will find that a number of ideas and designs are based around using glass tiles. This is why it is no wonder that they are flooding the market right now and are so readily available to buy.

Glass is desirable for a number of reasons, and it is those reasons that give those selling low quality tiles the market they need to rip people off. As such, there will first be an explanation as to what to look for in glass tile and also how to look after it and care for it following installation.

What to Look For In Glass Tile

Glass tile can come in a range of shapes, sizes, colours and qualities so there are a number of decisions for you to make if you are considering using glass tile in your home. Of course, the choices you make depend on a number of elements but the following will give you a good idea of what to look for:

• Affordability – The first thing most people do when looking to buy glass tile is to take a look at the price but this should be the last thing on your mind. So know your budget and stick to it but do not keep tiles in the running for your purchase unless you really want them. If they are not of a high quality then why would you pay anything for them at all?

• Quality – Quality is very important and the reason why you should buy them from reputable stores only. Never buy them if you cannot inspect the stock properly. That means looking out for any cracks or gaps, make sure that there are no sharp edges or risk an accident.

• Pattern – The pattern and the colours is also important because you want something that reflects you. However, you need to be able to put up with the pattern for some time so choose wisely and always think a major decision like this through.

• Backing – Check to see whether your selected style of tile has any backing at all. Some glass tile materials have a mesh underneath to hold them secure but in fact will diminish the ability to hold onto the subsurface underneath.

With the above in mind, you should be able to choose the best possible glass tile for your home. Whether you want it to add another dimension to your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or any other are of your home, there is nothing worse than investing in a waste of money so make sure that you do not.

Installing glass tile could not be easier when you have chosen the best possible quality and ready to install it. In fact, all you have to do is use the same method as you would other tiles. There are often specialists that you can call on to install them if you so wish but it is an unnecessary expense.

The trickiest part of laying it is cutting any partial tiles where the edges are. Cut slowly, and have a solid support, or the tile will shatter or splinter. You will need thinset mortar to adhere glass to the floor. After that, all you have to do is add the tiles and then make sure that they are allowed to set for 24 hours.

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