Online Tips for Going Green Around the House

sustainable energy from wind powerThe current state of the environment is one of great concern for all the citizens of the world. With our current usage, natural resources such as water, trees and oil are becoming more difficult to attain. With issues such as global warming, dependence on fossil fuels and a population which generally has been wasting a great deal of resources are problems that we must address in order to continue using these resources in the future.

There are a number of things that homeowners can do to protect the environment and the Earth’s natural resources. People can help save the Earth and “go green” by recycling common items such as bottles, cans and plastic. In addition, many homeowners are looking for alternative heating sources, in order to cut the reliance on oil heat. And, homeowners also need to be alert to other ways to save resources such as conserving electricity usage and conserving water usage.

To help homeowners understand household energy conservation and recycling concepts, here is a listing of helpful websites:


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Photo by flickr user Kyle MacKenzie