Goldfish Pond Landscaping Ideas

While plants, fencing, and walkways are all important elements in the garden, no landscaping job is complete without a water element. One of the best ways to add water to your gardens is with goldfish pond landscaping ideas. With the wide variety of goldfish pond landscaping ideas available, you should be able to easily find a pond that fits your budget.

One of the easiest goldfish pond landscaping ideas is to use a half-barrel as a pond. If you are making your pond with a used wine barrel, you will need to use a liner to avoid poisoning your fish when the wine that is still in the barrel walls seeps out. You can use standard rubber pond lining material to line the barrel, but the new molded plastic liners are so easy to use that they are worth the extra cost.

If you have the right balance of plants and fish in the pond, you will not need to use a pond pump or filter to keep the water fresh. However, you should keep an eye on the water to be sure it does not become cloudy or green.

If you want something a bit more elaborate, you may want to consider a few other goldfish pond landscaping ideas. You can make a much larger pond in the ground using either a molded plastic liner or rubber pond lining material or you can create a frame for an above ground pond. To make an above ground pond, you will need to build a frame from lumber, stone, or cinder blocks and insert a liner.

Pond Making

To make a pond in the ground, you will need to be prepared to do a lot of digging. Once you dig out the pond shape, you should spread a layer of sand to protect your liner from being punctured by sharp objects. Then, place the liner in the hole and slowly fill the pond with water. Check to be sure the water is level. If not, you will need to empty the pond and remove the liner to re-level the ground underneath.

Once the pond is completely level, you will need to add a pump and fountain or waterfall. With the wiring and tubing in place, you can finish off your pond. Use rocks to disguise the edges of the pond and all of the wiring and tubing. Once you are finished, you can sit back and enjoy your beautiful goldfish pond landscaping project.