Goldfish Pond Landscaping or Koi Pond

Many people do not distinguish goldfish pond landscaping with that of water gardening with koi. Important differences do exist, however, between the two.

Goldfish do not require nearly the care and maintenance of koi. These ornamental fish, though distantly related cousins, do not share the same living requirements. Koi require special filtration systems while goldfish do not. Goldfish, conversely, live happily in ponds with nothing more than a small pump to aerate the water. This alone makes goldfish pond landscaping much more viable for most people than trying to successfully maintain a koi pond.

Expense lends another significant difference between goldfish pond landscaping and working with koi. You can buy goldfish, depending on the size, anywhere from several dollars on up to $45 or $50. Koi, often sold by the inch, sell for many times that. Also, koi grow many times larger than goldfish, and before realizing it, you may be spending inordinate amounts on koi food for which you never intended and would not incur with goldfish pond landscaping.

Koi Food

Using koi in water gardens, as opposed to goldfish pond landscaping, can cost you money with regard to aquatic plants, as well. Goldfish may nibble slightly at the plants you've taken great pains to create a natural environment with, but koi munch voraciously on them. Not only can this ultimately kill the plants, but it also damages their beauty and leaves an unsightly mess in the water.

When considering goldfish pond landscaping, keep in mind that goldfish, unlike koi, are naturally hardy. Goldfish require no special treatment to thrive. As a rule of thumb, one goldfish per every thirty gallons of water supplies plenty of room for them to flourish and grow up to 10 inches long.

Goldfish pond landscaping can create an environment of calm beauty and tranquility to any yard. And koi, despite the fact they grow larger and cost more, truly should be reserved for those with the time, patience, and willingness to care for them despite their drawbacks.

So choose carefully and wisely when planning any goldfish pond landscaping; and unless you're willing to make the commitment, stay away from koi. They are big, beautiful - and burdensome. Choose goldfish pond landscaping instead.

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