Granite Cleaner

If you are going to be cleaning granite surfaces, then you should think about using a granite cleaner. There are several products on the market that will clean granite quickly and easily, and most of them will not leave a residue. The type of granite cleaner that you should use will depend a lot on what you have available to you, as well as the location of the granite that needs to be cleaned.

Prevention is your Best Bet

The first thing that you should do is to try and reduce the number of times that you have to use a granite cleaner to begin with. You can do this with some simple preparations, and by being careful. If you do end up spilling something on your granite, then the first thing you should do is clean that up. If you can get the area cleaned right away, then you will not have to use a cleaner. Otherwise, you might end up with a stain, which will require a lot more work to clean up.

Household Items can Also be Used to Clean Up Granite

You do not need to purchase granite cleaner if you would rather use a home remedy. For small, easy to lift stains, you may be able to use one of these home remedies. However, it is also possible that the stain will prove too much for you.

If you can get to the spill before it starts to form a stain, then you will be fairly well off and should not have to worry too much about the mess. In this case, you should use water and just a little bit of dish soap. This should lift some of the stain.

You can also use lemon or orange juice combined with hydrogen peroxide if the first method does not work. While acid is not always your best bet, the relatively dilute types of acid should b help you get the stain out of your granite surface.

Use Non-toxic Cleaners in Food Preparation Areas

If you are going to be cleaning in an area like countertops where food is usually prepared then there are two things that you should keep in mind. The first priority is to make sure that whatever granite cleaner you get, it will be safe to use on areas where your food will come in contact with the counter directly. Otherwise, you do not know what types of toxic residues could be left behind, and those could easily get into your food.

One granite cleaner that comes highly recommended is Granite Gold. This cleaner is designed so that it is entirely non-toxic and biodegradable. This means that you will not have to worry about something unwanted getting into your food as a result of preparing your food on countertops that have been cleaned with this product.

Re-seal Cleaned Granite

After you have done all of the cleaning with your granite cleaner, you should do what you can to reduce the number of times that you have to clean the granite. This can be done relatively easily; all you have to do is to make sure that you purchase the appropriate product for the surface that you are going to clean. What should you do? Seal the surface. You can find granite sealants almost anywhere, and they should definitely be used.

Sealants will reduce the number of stains that you get on your granite, and will also add to the overall appearance of your room. Essentially, your room will end up looking as though you polish the your granite surfaces daily. As a result granite cleaner is a great way to improve your living space.

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