Granite Countertop Cleaner Tips

Daily care and maintenance will preserve your granite countertop's beautiful appearance for decades. Granite is a naturally occurring material, and it is often recommended each slab be sealed to make it stain and moisture resistant. However, there are others who say this is not the case, and they point out that there are over 300 different types of granite available, all with varying chemical and mechanical properties. Many types of granite are completely non-porous, and incapable of absorbing any sealant.

At any rate, all that should be required for everyday care after sealing (if required for your type of granite) is water, a sponge and a soft dry cloth. A good of thumb is to remember is never use anything on your granite countertop you wouldn't use on your own hands. This means avoid ammonia, tub & tile cleaners, toilet bowl cleaners, powdered alkaline cleaners, vinegar, window cleaners and even soft paste cleaners. Any of these can damage the protective sealant and lead to staining.

Water and other Stains

If you have problems with water rings or food stains that don't come off with water, then recommended granite countertop cleaners include the following:

Your first choice, other that plain water is a mild, non-fragrance, phosphate-free, and preferably biodegradable liquid dish soap.

Heavy Duty Cleaners

Specialized granite cleaners, although a bit more expensive are also available. Follow the manufacturers instructions on the packaging carefully for these. A few brands are:

Siege Marble & Granite Cleaner: cleans without damaging protective finish on granite and marble. Specially formulated not to remove protective sealant.

Stone Soap Ultra -highly concentrated cleaner specifically formulated for marble, granite, slate, limestone and other stone. Each pint bottle will make 8 gallons.

MB STONE CARE MB-5 Marble, Granite and More Spray Cleaner

Marbamist Countertop Cleaner - spray on and wipe off.

Granite is the Cadillac of countertop surfaces, and priced to prove it, but for the money you will get a countertop that's built to last, heat-resistant, cleans up easy; and adds resell value to your home. So take care of it with the best granite countertop cleaners.