Colors Of Granite Countertops

Granite is an increasingly popular material for countertops. It's highly attractive, durable and complements many different decors. Oftentimes a homeowner will decide upon the use of granite before choosing the kind of wood or metals to be used and will choose colors of granite countertops before deciding on the color scheme of the rest of the room.

Because the stone itself is a natural element, the various hues will vary considerably so it's important to know exactly what you're getting before selecting contrasting paints, flooring and cabinets. The colors of granite countertops are rich and almost three-dimensional, with the inherent sparkles reflecting the light from all angles.

Granite itself is composed of crystals of feldspar and quartz, some fine, others coarser. It is usually the feldspar that determines the colors of granite countertops. Feldspar provides the white, pink, tan, blue, green and salmon-colored vibrancy while the crystals of quartz are clearer, or can be hazy or milky in color.

Using granite as a kitchen or bathroom countertop definitely lends an air of opulence to the decor. The high sheen, combined with the multi-flecked depth provide a rich appearance. Whether the home is a masculinely-decorated bachelor pad or a mini palace fit for a modern day princess, the colors of granite countertops can be chosen to suit perfectly.

Browsing over the range of colors to choose from, it's easy to imagine far off places. The names are exotic and inviting and can be partly responsible for the inspiration of the decor as a whole. Some colors of granite countertops are named after precious gems, such as Emerald Pearl and Sapphire Blue.

Others like Galaxy Black and Jupiter Silver conjure ultra-modern, space-age images. Or for the more understated, consider Kashmiri White or Bianco Sardo.

That bachelor pad would look superb decked out in Absolute Black, Dakota Mahogany or Lava Verde. And any self-respecting princess would proudly show off the colors of her granite countertops with names like Violetta or Ivory Chiffon.

It's always such a pleasure to borrow from Nature to decorate a home. The variations in color and tone are a surprise to be embraced, and the colors of granite countertops can be a conversation topic while friends gather in the new kitchen and drink coffee together.

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