Granite Kitchen Sink

The granite kitchen sink has long been a top choice among both professional kitchen designers and do-it-yourself homeowners, and with good reasons. Granite kitchen sinks offer many advantages. For many homeowners and decorators, the biggest selling point is appearance, as granite is as beautiful, natural-looking material.

However, the practical advantages of granite are quite formidable as well. A Granite kitchen sink is lovely to look at, pleasant to live with, and relatively easy to maintain, which accounts for the enduring popularity of this design element.

A granite kitchen sink goes well with today's decorating trends. Since the sink is often the most used area in your kitchen you want to select the right material. We all spend hours at the sink, washing, preparing and cleaning up, so it's worth spending money on to get a durable, attractive sink. Granite goes with many other materials from wood and stone surfaces to stainless appliances, so a granite sink offers a sophisticated and practical choice.

Another advantage to choosing a granite kitchen sink is that when it is recessed into a granite countertop, its understated and subtle style makes it blend beautifully. A granite sink and countertop make a nearly seamless presentation that can help give your kitchen a feeling of order and peace at its core.

Granite kitchen sinks can be made to any size, accommodating your design specifications, so you can choose your own level and depth and you may not be required to stick with specific sink sizes that the manufacturer offers. Granite sinks come in a variety of colors, in matte finishes that are the epitome of sophisticated design.

Granite kitchen sinks can be made to fit whatever accessories you choose. It can be made large enough to fit whatever faucet you select and whatever size draining racks you may want to employ. You can size it to fit cutting boards, colanders, or whatever other tools are at the heart of your kitchen repertoire. This can make a granite kitchen sink blend as gracefully into your cooking routine as it does into your countertop.

Granite kitchen sinks are made of very durable granite composite and generally hold up extremely well. Granite is heat resistant and is not affected by changes in temperature. Granite is non-porous and will resist most stains, even coffee and wine.

The biggest drawback of a granite kitchen sink is the potential for chips to occur around the edges at the exposed corners. The good news is that epoxy grout and granite dust can be used to repair any damage and fill small chips in edges if these vulnerable areas of your sink ever take a beating.

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