Grout Drying Time

It is very important for you to be aware of the fact that the way you put the grout affects the aspect of the tiles on which you apply the grout. One major mistake that many make consists in the fact that they do not respect the grout drying time, thus causing the destruction of the mosaic artwork. Before applying the grout on the tiles, make sure that you have enough time to allow you to comply with the grout drying time requirements.

Methods of Applying the Grout

After you have chosen the right quantity of grout for the beginning of the grouting process, start the spreading of the grout. After this activity has been accomplished, let the ten minutes required as the grout drying time pass, and then start removing the grout from the surface of the tiles with an almost dry sponge. But be careful because this action might pull some grout from the joints.

Obviiously, grout is the material that holds the tiles together, but I advise you to wait a day or two before you decide to grout a project. This initial grout drying time will allow the glue to dry completely.

In determining the grout drying time, you have to take into consideration the type of grout you are intending to use. There are two types of grout, namely sanded and non-sanded. The idea with these two types of grout is that the non-sanded type is used normally when the space between the tiles is very small. In the situation in which the gap is larger you need to use sanded grout.

How to Repair Deteriorated Grout

After the grout drying time has been fulfilled and, therefore, the grout is completely dried, it is very important that you take care of the tiles and especially of the grout because, in time, the grout deteriorates and it looks very unaesthetic. But you can fix this.

First, identify which are the grout lines that have to be repaired and then remove with the grout saw the top-most layers of grout. In the case in which the grown lines are too tight, use a knife from your kitchen.

Then clean the grout lines with a sponge. Use as much grout as necessary as to fill in the gaps by making sure that the joint is smooth and has no gaps in the grout. The needed grout drying time in this situation is usually of 48 hours before you can expose the grout to moisture.

The Last Details That Concern the Drying Time of the Grout

After you have finished installing the tiles on the floor, wait 24 hours before you start setting the grout. After the 24 have passed, make sure that the tiles are clean and that the grout has enough space to sink down into the joint. Begin spreading the grout into the joints.

The grout drying time may reach up to 40 minutes but must be no less than half an hour. It is the perfect time to start cleaning the surface of the tiles but be careful not to wipe too much. The grout has to be kept as close as possible to the top of the surface of the tiles.

After the grouting process is complete I advise you to seal the grout but only after at least 72 hours. You can apply the sealer with a special applicator made for grout that you can find at any tile store.

Another important thing to remember is that you should not grout in direct sunlight, in order to speed up the grout drying time. This will only cause cracking of the grout because the longer you allow the grout to dry the more resistant it will be. For this reason, the best places of doing the grouting are the basement or the garage.