Grout Haze Removal

When you install tiling there is the grouting process. As a result of grouting a slight grout haze will form on the tiles. It is important go through the grout haze removal process to have the completed project look its best. There are several methods for grout haze removal that you can use during your tile project.

Sight Grout Haze Removal

After you have grouted and set the tile on your project, there will be a slight grout haze form on the actual tiles. You will want to take a clean sponge that has been wet with clear water. Wipe over the tiles with the sponge and rinse thoroughly between tiles.

Rinsing the sponge in clear water is important because you can simply spread more grout haze over your tiles as you are cleaning. Do not skip the rinse between tiles on this phase of your project.

Twenty-Four Hour Grout Haze Removal

After the tile has set for approximately twenty-four hours, you will want to again complete grout haze removal. As you did initially, take a clean sponge and wet it with clear water. Between each tile, rinse the sponge thoroughly. Wipe down each tile.

Next, you will want to get a clean, dry rag. Wipe each tile with the rag making sure to shake it between tiles. Examine the tiles for remaining grout haze. Use a new, clean dry rag to polish and wipe the tiles further if grout remains.

Purchase Commercial Grout Haze Removal Product

If for some reason you were unable to clean the grout at the beginning of the project and after twenty-four hours you may find that clear water and hard work will not effectively remove the grout haze.

There are many different grout haze removal products available at your local hardware store. Depending on the number of tiles to be cleaned will determine which size bottle you should purchase.

Safety Equipment

After you return home with the grout haze removal cleaning product you will need to read the directions on the bottle to determine how much to mix with water. It is important to wear safety eye glasses and to protect your hands with heavy duty rubber gloves when using these cleaning products. Do not skip the safety equipment because it can be dangerous for you.

Test Small Area

Once you have on your safety equipment and mixed the proper amount of cleaning product with water, it is time to test a small area. Apply a small amount of the mixture onto a soft rag and in a corner spot of your project that is not readily noticeable, clean just a small section of the tile. You will want to clean in a diagonal direction on the tile.

Cleaning the Remaining Tiles

Once you determine that the gout haze removal cleaner will not damage the tiles, you can clean the remaining tiles in the project. Be certain that you use a clean terry cloth rag and clear water to rinse any extra gout haze removal cleaner from the tiles.

You do not want to leave any remover on the tiles. If an area is particularly difficult to clean, you can pour some cleaner mixture directly on the tile and let it rest for approximately five to ten minutes. Then scrub the tile diagonally and wipe with clear water cloth.