How Long Does It Take for Grout to Set

Tile grout is the substance that is used to install tiles. There are all types of grout available depending on what you need it for. You will most probably have a grout mixture that you will have to make to yourself.

Get this grout mixture together just before you are ready to install the tiles. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the grout as accurate measurements will affect how long it takes for the grout to set as well as how effective it is.


Tile grout is an un-sanded form of grout. Decorators prefer to use grout when installing tiles primarily because of the way that it protects the surface of the tiling. Tile grout is generally used on tiles that are of the absorptive, glazed and ceramic. Also, if you can get your hands on them, marble tiles because they tend to scratch easily.

When using grout many people are unsure as to how long it takes for grout to set, how it should be mixed, how long it should be left to stand, etc. This article provide the answers to these questions:

Prep Work

Before you set to work on installing tiles, be sure that all of your work tools are prepared and that all of the surfaces that you will be working on have been prepped and prepared for the task. The surface should have been cleaned. You will not be ale to get a good bond if the surface is not clear of all dust, oil, paints and other materials.

Prepare the containers and the ingredients for your grout mix. It is a good idea to only mix enough tile grout that can be used in an hour as most grout will becomes unusable after an hour. Mix the mixture until it is smooth and there are absolutely no lumps. Then leave it and let it stand for fifteen minutes before you begin to use it.

As you install your tiling, lay the tiling in sets. Before moving from one set to another, allow time for the grout from the previous set to go through its initial set. There is no exact time for allowing the initial set as many variables can affect how long this process will take.

Rule of Thumb

Basically, wait until the grout has set enough so that when you press hard against it with your fingernail that you can hardly made an indent. It does take time and patience to install tile but if you give everything its proper time to work its course, the overall success and the look of the tiling will be better.

Once you have laid the tile, you will need three days of damp curing to make sure that the grout is dense and sets very hard. This is an absolute must for the first three days. Natural Kraft Paper is the tool of choice for damp curing. Simply cover the installation with the Kraft Paper. It is only after ten days of damp curing that I recommend attempting to clean the tiles and remove any remaining grout from them.

There are some challenges involved in tiling the surfaces of your home. If all of this sounds a little overwhelming do hire someone to do it or at least ask a friend to help out and to watch over you as you complete the first few sets of the installation.

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