How to Clean Grout

We know you’re just dying to learn how to clean grout. Well, the truth is, no one outside of those diagnosed with a compulsive/obsessive mental disorder gets a thrill from cleaning grout. But if you’ve neglected to apply sealer and the good grout-cleaning fairies have staged a permanent layoff, you’re going to have to knuckle down and get rid of that dirty, nasty, mildewy, moldy mess yourself.

Products for cleaning and sealing grout abound all over the Internet. And it seems that everybody and their brother has a homemade recipe for grout cleaner. A few of these include:

  • bleach
  • baking soda
  • salt

and other off-the-grocery-shelf products that cost little more than a few cents per cleaning. Tools you’ll probably need to clean grout include a bucket, spray bottle, gloves, and a grout cleaning brush (an old toothbrush works well for this).

Other sites claim their products work wonders over homemade cleaners in time and labor - and they charge accordingly. Some of these ready-made products include ingredients claimed to be ph-balanced and non-acidic to avoid damaging tile while still getting it sparkling clean with a minimum of elbow grease.

Some grout cleaners even proclaim to be “rinse-free”. Of course, you will pay the price for all that power and convenience. Be prepared to not wince at price tags of $16 and more for a small bottle. Plus shipping, of course.

The bottom line? It’s really up to you. Do you want to clean grout the old-fashioned way with lots of scrubbing, bleach fumes, and a headache afterward but with the sure knowledge that you’ve given it your best shot? Or do you want to go ahead and pay a premium price for a bottle of ‘Gone at the Squirt of a Bottle’ grout cleaner that probably plays havoc with the environment but does, indeed, get that grout nearly as antiseptic as any hospital operating room?

If you choose to go the home-made elbow grease method, we recommend using a homemade paste of baking soda, water and white vinegar on your grout.

  • Take the mixture and spread it onto your grout
  • pour a little vinegar into a spray bottle and spritz it onto the baking soda mix
  • scrub well with a sponge or paper towels
  • rinse thoroughly with water

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