Do It Yourself Regrouting

You may have decided the tiles in your home don’t need to be replaced but the grout is old and dingy. Do it yourself re-grouting is a process that takes time but it isn’t very expensive. It is a great way to touch up some areas of your home including the tiles in your entryway or those in your shower.

Grouting Travertine

One of the more difficult substances to clean – if you haven’t done proper care and cleaning in the past – is travertine. For some reason, dirt and grime like to attach themselves to travertine and make life very difficult for anyone who finally finds time in their busy life to set aside an afternoon to clean their travertine surface! However, there is a way to prevent travertine damage, and this will leave you with a way to clean travertine without feeling like the world is ending in the process. What’s the solution? Grouting travertine is the best way to go.

Pre-Grouting Your Travertine Surface

Removing Grout on Tile

It is exciting to have new tile in your home. Not only does a room look brand new, tiling is a great way to increase your over-all home value. Tile is laid on a mortar base and grouted between the aligned grooves. During this process, grout can get all over the tile and make an unsightly mess.

Removing grout on tile is very important to not only look nice but to keep the tiles from becoming damaged. There are several methods to choose from for removing grout on tile.

Boiling Water Method

Grout Haze Removal

When you install tiling there is the grouting process. As a result of grouting a slight grout haze will form on the tiles. It is important go through the grout haze removal process to have the completed project look its best. There are several methods for grout haze removal that you can use during your tile project.

Sight Grout Haze Removal

Applying a Shower Grout Sealer

After you have grouted the ceramic tile in your bathroom, you’re going to need to apply a shower grout sealer. A grout sealer will prevent moisture from seeping through underneath your tiles where it will create mildew and mold, and it will also prevent the grout from getting discolored, crumbly, and allowing mold to grow in the cracks of such a porous material.