Sealing Bathroom Grout

Sealing bathroom grout is the only way you’re going to avoid mold and mildew growing underneath your bathroom tiles, and ultimately damaging both your wall and your tiling work. It will help to extend the life of the grout you’ve applied, and sealing it is actually a very quick process – it should only take you around 15 minutes to complete.

Grout Manufacturers

So you’re thinking about installing a brand new bathtub surround or a kitchen backsplash, and you’ve selected some gorgeous tile – maybe even the pricey imported kind – and the last thing you want to do is mess the whole project up by using some low-quality grout.

Well, we’ve done a little research here to provide you with some info about a couple of companies that actually manufacture the stuff that mortars those oh-so-expensive tiles together. Hopefully, this will ease your concerns so you can stop making excuses, er, we mean so that you can go on and get on the stick with that tile project you’ve been waiting so long to get started on.


Grouting Between Wall and Floor

When you install ceramic tile floors you will need to know a few things when it comes to grouting between floor and wall. When you begin applying grout, most instructions will tell you not to apply grout to expansion joints, which are the areas surrounding fixtures, in corners, and between the floor and the wall.

In other words, you will not grout these areas as you would grout other areas in the room, as they need some degree of flexibility. The reason you need this particular flexibility in spaces such as these is because you need them to be able to bend and flex as the room settles, doors get slammed, and walls vibrate.


Grout Colors for Ceramic Tile

You can find grout colors for ceramic tile in all sorts of colors and depending on the type of tile you are using, the location you are using your tile, and the overall look you'd like for the room, some of these are much better selections that the traditional white grout that so many people elect to use for their grouting needs.

Can Have Huge Impact

We live in a world that allows for an ever-expanding response to the needs and interests of the customers when it comes to decorating our homes. Allowing a wider variety of color options for grout is one of many ways that manufacturers are listening to the demand of the general population for more options when it comes to decoration and design.

How To Apply Grout Efficiently

applying grout with a grout floatLearning how to apply grout is not hard at all. Anyone that can sweep a floor can apply grout efficiently with little waste. Just one person can grout your tiled floors easily as it requires no heavy lifting and is not strenuous.

The thing that you should be concerned about most are your knees. You will be on your knees as you apply the grout and this can become quite painful for some people. Get your rubber float ready and learn how to apply grout like the professionals do.