How to Make Grout Look Like New

Tired of looking at that grungy, moldy, unappealing grout between those still-attractive tiles in your bathroom or kitchen counter areas? Well, short of digging it all out, some people think there's not much one can do. But, wait! There is! There is! So before you haul out the tools and chemical grout removers, take a look at some of the following suggestions on how to make grout look like new (or nearly new, anyway!).

Try the Easy Way First

How to Grout Tile

Learning how to grout tile puts the do-it-yourselfer way ahead of the game if you're looking to redo the ceramic tile in a kitchen, bath, or other area. Doing it right saves time, headaches, and expense. Tile falling off can break, look terrible, and wind up causing water to seep through and rot the support panels in some cases, so knowing how to grout and how to grout correctly is important.

Buy the Right Grout & Go Easy on the Water

What's the Number 1 thing to know about how to grout tile? Don't buy the premixed grout that comes in a little tub! These pre-made concoctions are invariably too watery and when grout is too watery, it won't do the job it's meant to do, that is, hold the tile firmly without crumbling and cracking away.

How Long Does It Take for Grout to Set

Tile grout is the substance that is used to install tiles. There are all types of grout available depending on what you need it for. You will most probably have a grout mixture that you will have to make to yourself.

Get this grout mixture together just before you are ready to install the tiles. Be sure to follow the instructions that come with the grout as accurate measurements will affect how long it takes for the grout to set as well as how effective it is.


How Do I Remove Grout

Using tiling for floors and walls is becoming more and more of a popular trend in home decorating and that means grout is being used more as well. Changing the look of your home and redecorating it can be exciting and the transformation from old to new can seem like it takes place in an instant. If you are looking at the idea of using tiling on your walls, it is possible for you to install the tile walls yourself, although you will need to be extremely careful and exact in most cases.

Grout Replacement Tips

Grout replacement is a small renovation project many homeowners can do by themselves. Homeowners may wish to undertake this project for a number of reasons. One common reason for wanting to replace the grout may be to replace a standard grout color with a trendier color.

However, if the reason for the grout replacement is due to grout failure, it is important to investigate the cause of the grout failure first. If the home is rather old and the bathroom hasn't been remodeled the grout failure may simply be a result of regular deterioration over time.