Half Basement Remodels

Some homes feature a wonderful big basement that every family member wants to claim as his or her own for an array of uses. Still, other homes are built with a half basement, which is what you get when you have a home that is built into a sloping lot. Part of the construction sits on a slab and the other part is excavated into the lot, creating the perfect space for a semi-conventional basement.

Cost advantages to half basement remodels

Half basement remodels are, logically, far less expensive because you only have to be concerned with a smaller area. You still want to take best advantage of the space available, however, so you may perhaps be forced to think more laterally where half basements are concerned. Clever storage ideas, making use of all those usually wasted nooks and crannies help to turn your half basement into a valuable space.

Additionally, if your half basement remodel needs to include considerations for insulation, energy efficiency, flooring, finishing interior walls and ceilings and so on, your costs are virtually halved. Aren’t you glad now that you have a half basement?

Storage space versus more living areas

What do you want most from your half basement? Is it just going to be somewhere that stores all your out of season sporting equipment, boxes of grown-out-of clothing and all the junk that you’ve cleared out of the main living areas, kitchen and bedroom? Or do you want it to be a fully functional area, either for your laundry, a teenager’s retreat or a study?

Sometimes, the bigger the basement, the more it becomes an excuse to be misused for junk storage. When you have a smaller space to work with, you tend towards using it wisely, for more practical purposes.

A half basement remodel gives you the opportunity to find room for a new hobby, without it having to consume a large chunk of the available living space in your home. Or you might want to banish your rowdy children to a wonderful new play area – out of headache-inducing earshot – and yet not give up the spacious open plan living area you enjoy for yourself.

The home theater goes downstairs

Has it ever occurred to you that you can remodel your half basement into a luxurious home theater? Being smaller, you can afford to spend up on that soundproof insulation you’ve been dreaming of. You may in fact, not need soundproofing to a large degree because since the basement is built into the ground, a lot of the noise is absorbed naturally.

Similarly with windows, many half basements don’t feature windows so you have no need for block-out curtains. You can paint the walls and ceiling black, put down some comfy carpeting and install a whiz-bang home entertainment system complete with surround sound and do it all without needing a home improvement loan!

Work from home in study central

Half basement remodels that turn boring, unused space into a highly functional and comfortable study are quite popular. You get to leave the study in disarray if you’re in the middle of something and called for dinner, and no one has to see it but you, later on.

You can install your computer equipment, a desk, filing cabinet and telephone and intercom equipment and have a place to work that is away from distractions yet still within the home environment.

When it comes to half basement remodels, you have the perfect opportunity to spread yourself out while not disturbing the rest of the house. Think long and hard before turning the decision making over to another family member; you just might miss out on the ideal space for you.

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