Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

Hampton Bay ceiling fans are a product line that consists of a number of fans made for various home functions. Whereas all of the Hampton Bay ceiling fans are not only made for appearance, they are also made for functionality and ease of use.

Because the ceiling fan market has flattened out, companies are trying new things in order to encourage customers back into the store.

Some stores are increasing the share of in-store brands, so that they have a little more control over the products available. Hampton Bay ceiling fan are one such brand, being a brand owned by Home Depot.

Decor Options

Fans are taking on more and more antique features, heading more towards fans that match the decor, rather than the standard golden brass fans. Also, no really new features have been added over the last few years. Energy efficient fans are becoming more in style than years past, and almost every line has at least one fan with a remote control. The Hampton Bay ceiling fans are no exception.

However, what makes Hampton Bay ceiling fans unique is that they are created with the home decorator in mind and, more specifically, the person with limited mechanical experience. The Hampton Bay ceiling fans are made to be easy to install, usually in one piece with all the blades attached. Suffice to say, they are popular with contractors, who can install the fan quickly and without much fuss.

The Hampton Bay ceiling fans have a wide variety of features, which vary depending on the specific fan you look at. For example, there are fans that have canvas "sails" for blades, and another has a heater attached. There are also those with wood panels, remote controls, and even an energy efficient model; in short, if there is a look or feature you desire, Hampton Bay ceiling fans probably have it.

The Female Asethetic

The reason for most of these features is that women are the major consumers in this area. In an attempt to appeal to women, and thus re-vitalize the market, companies such Hampton Bay ceiling fans are working more on aesthetics and features that they figure women want.

So far, this has met with limited success; the industry only reported a 1.3% increase over last year. However, Home Depot has confidence in it Hampton Bay ceiling fan line; the various fans have been gathering good reviews and it has been successful. Only time will tell if this is will lead to an increased ceiling fan market.