Hand painted Ceramic Tiles

If you are looking for a way to spruce up one of the rooms in your house you should consider hand painted ceramic tiles. This method is no more expensive than other surfaces and it brings a touch of art and class to the room where the tiles are placed.

If you are unable to paint, you can find someone else to take your ideas for artwork that will create the hand painted ceramic tiles. All you need to do is give the artist a general idea of your needs and watch how beautiful your tile comes out.

The Kitchen

If you have an area over your sink or in another spot that it is bare and lacks color you could place hand painted ceramic tiles in that space. If you like flowers you could have an artist paint you a bouquet or if you like fruit you could have a fruit basket painted.

There are hundreds of different things you can have painted on ceramic tiles. The sky is the limit. Let your imagination be your guide by looking at your kitchen and deciding what would go best in that room. Is anything missing that you feel would enhance the room? If so, you might be able to have tiles painted and placed in your kitchen for all time.


Hand painted ceramic tiles go excellent in the bathroom because paintings and other art pieces are generally too delicate for the heat and moisture that comes from a bathroom environment. However, after a consultation with an artist you can choose a timeless classic item and create a small mural that goes right into your bathroom.

You could choose a nature setting or something signifying a hobby you have. You could really decorate the whole room around your tiles and make those the centerpiece if you wanted.

Other Rooms

As it has been said, it is really up to you because anything is capable of being created using hand painted ceramic tiles. If you like animals, you could have a picture of a kitten playing with string. If you have a baby you could have a set of cartoon characters on the wall. The list goes on and on.

You can work with a factory or manufacturer to have your painting done or you can work with an artist if you are unfamiliar with how to paint. Many people prefer an artist because artists tend to be more emotionally involved in their work and tend to give you that more timeless looking work on you tiles.

You can readily purchase hand painted ceramic tiles from the home improvement store but you should not feel limited by the designs that are available. If you do not like any of the options find an artist that can paint what you are looking for. You won't regret your decision. Ceramic is one of those materials that rarely wear out so once you make this purchase it is something that will continue to look beautiful for years.

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