How to Hang Drapes

pink and blue drapesIn this article we will discuss how to hang drapes. We will cover both rod pocket drapes and hooked drapes. We will also discuss a couple different unique situations that you may have in your home and tell you how to compensate when hanging your drapes there.

Rod Pocket Drapes

First, iron your curtains. This is a must to achieve an attractive finish. Then insert the curtain rod. Don’t bunch up the curtain. Lay it flat across the bed and gently slide in the rod.

Now, put the rod on the brackets. Find the center, make sure the edges of the curtains meet at the center neatly.

Grasp the top of the curtain and pull gently on it as well as below the rod. Do this every few inches to make the gathers. Check ruffles to make sure that they are even. If you will be using ties, hang the inside end of the tie on the tie hook behind the curtain and proceed to the next step before tying back the curtain.


To make the pleats gather a few inches of the curtain with your hand. Fold it over and flatten it with your palm. At the same time grasp the curtain further up on the pleat and pull along it. This will extend the pleat on up the curtain. Continue to hold the first pleat and fold again to make the second.

With each pleat gently pull farther up on the curtain. Do not let go of the folded fabric. When you are done you will have an accordion style fold and uniform pleats.

Without letting go of the folded curtain take the tie and wrap it around the curtain. Attach the tie to the hook. Pull up slightly on the curtain fabric in a uniform motion to form the curve then release the pleated curtain.

Hooked Drapes

Always iron the drapes before hanging them. To insert the hooks and hang them, grasp the first pinch-pleat and attach the hook. Begin in the middle of the rod. Hang it over the rod and attach the second hook. Place the second hook where it will allow the pinch-pleat to lay flat and smooth. Continue on in a uniform manner.

Place the hooks in order, don’t skip any pleats. When you get to the end of the curtain, where the curtain meets the wall, insert the last few hooks. Slide the last few inches of the curtain around the bend. The curtain should lay uniformly flat all the way across the rod.

Put the tie hooks where you want them, about 2/3 of the way down is suggested. Check to see if all the tie hooks in the room are at the same level. Measure the distance from the floor to the hook in order to do this.

To make the pleats even, fold the curtain in the same accordion style as described above. The difference with hook drapes is that you have to line up the bottom pleats with the pinched pleats at the top.

Starting in the middle carefully fold the curtain, pleat by pleat until you have reached the end of it. Press the folds flat with your palm along the edge of the pleats and run your hand up the length of them.

Hanging Curtains Where the Windows Meet the Wall

When the window is flush against the wall there is a challenge to hanging curtains. The best way to begin is with a café-style rod. The brackets should allow the rod to extend past them on either side.

Tab top curtains or curtains that hang on rings are good choices for this type of window treatment. Just make sure that the curtain rod is made of an attractive material because it will show through the tabs or rings.

Windows Set Close Together

If you have multiple windows on the same wall, especially if they are close together, hanging a wall-to-wall curtain is an elegant way to dress them. Whatever type of rod you use, make sure that you have provided enough support for the weight of the curtains.

Thick drapes can be very heavy. Hang the rods as close to the ceiling as possible. Leave room for the gatherings at the top. The curtains should reach almost to the floor but not long enough to drag.

Whatever you choose for your windows following these tips will help you hang them beautifully in your home. Get creative with the color, material and fixtures.

Photo by independentman, Creative Commons Attribution License