Window Hardware for Bay Windows

San Francisco is the ultimate destination for those who want to see bay windows in all their glory. These alternatives to windows flush with walls provide a more three-dimensional element to a home and are a feature unto themselves. Externally, they add character and eye appeal but from the inside, they extend living space a little and create little nooks for reading or sitting while watching the world go by. There is a range of window hardware for way windows that provide quite a few alternatives in appearance and functionality.

Internal Hardware

When you’re dressing a bay window, you want to bring out its unique appeal. While you may think it’s a simple matter of applying three separate window tracks to the three separate panels, the reality is that it’s probably best to treat it as a single window with three sections.

You can buy a curved track that will follow the angles of the window, either in single or double configuration. That way, you can hang a sheer fabric behind and the feature drapes in front and have either or both open or closed at any time.

You can also either hang the fabrics so that they open completely from one side to the other or so that they open from the middle and out to the sides. To install these curved tracks, you’ll need power tools of course.

There is plenty of window hardware available for bay windows in specialist stores or on the Internet. You can buy gorgeous wrought iron bay window rods, wooden swivel sockets and all manner of equipment to help you hang roman blinds, curtains, Venetians or whatever else you like.

External Hardware

Sourcing window hardware for bay windows can lead to inspiration that you may not have considered. For example, there are now new alternatives to the traditional wooden framework, in the form of fiberglass bay windows. They’re so good that they look like wood but don’t carry the usual down sides.

Fiberglass hardware offers the beauty of wood but will not warp, stick, crack or peel and is therefore more enjoyable and convenient to use. There are no staples or nail holes, you can order customized shapes and configurations in whatever size you need and the baked-on paint finish won’t peel or craze. You can even paint it in your choice of colors.

Window hardware for bay windows can be assembled onsite or bought in pre-fabricated form so that all your contractor has to do is install it. Available in casement style, double hung or even with sliding windows, bays are now more versatile than ever. The glass can be tinted for energy efficiency and to provide you with a view while not enabling those on the outside to look in to your home. The flank windows can be fixed or opening for better ventilation.

Glass styles

Then there are the glass choices for your bay window panes. Plain glass is conventional but if privacy is an issue for you, choose from various treatments such as striping, hazing and stippling.

Handles and casement locks

Even down to the handles and locks, window hardware for bay windows is available in whatever style and material you need to suit your home décor. Choose from wrought iron fixtures to brass, stainless steel, chrome or enamel-coated metal. There are fold-down and standard handles too.

The beauty and versatility of today’s window hardware for bay windows means you can install this popular feature in buildings that wouldn’t ordinarily be designed for bays. Talk to your contractor or designer to see how you can incorporate a little bit of San Fran into your home.

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Bay window photo by Riel Roussopoulos