Headboards add Style to a Bedroom

To save money, a lot of homeowners opt for a basic bed frame with no headboard, but this is a mistake. A headboard can add greatly to the look and design of a bedroom, warming it up and giving it a designer style. A good headboard can be the design impetus for the rest of the room.

Headboards are usually attached to the bed frame. Depending on the style, a headboard can be built or otherwise fashioned and nailed to the wall with the bed simply pushed up against it. If you purchase your new bed in a furniture store, it will likely have a quality headboard and footboard as part of the design element. But if you have a lonely bed frame with no headboard, there are any options.


One of the most popular options for headboards is an upholstered headboard. This is usually a piece of wood cut to the width of the bed and covered in fabric. Generally, some foam padding is attached first to the wood and then fabric is put over that. Attach at the back with a heavy duty staple gun. This can give a rich, custom look to a room since you can pick out the fabric yourself to perfectly match or coordinate with the bedding in the room.

Depending on the style of your room, you can also make theme headboards. A popular and not too difficult option is purchasing a piece of garden gate and painting it white. It is then attached to the wall or bed frame and adds perfectly to a cottage-style room.

Consider a lattice headboard; a similar idea with a slightly different variation. Use ready made lattice, cut to fit the width of your bed, and also paint it white or other desired color. You can leave it plain or embellish it with flowers, a small bird feeder, or even an outdoor light as bedroom lighting.

For a very inexpensive option, you can create the look of a headboard on the wall with wallpaper, framed out either with a different pattern of wallpaper or with a wood frame either purchased or made. This option makes it difficult to move furniture around, but is inexpensive and gives the custom look many homeowners are after.