Heated Bird Bath

Bird baths are a great way of attracting wildlife to your garden. Whether you have a keen interest in bird watching, or you're just looking to fill your garden with life and colour, a bird bath can be a great investment, and really worthwhile. In this article we will look at the benefits of heated bird baths, and why they are a great idea for anyone looking to acquire a birdbath.

What to look for in a bird bath

In any bird bath, be it heated or not, you are looking for certain key features. The heated bird bath should be raised off the ground where possible, to offer some protection from cats and other predators. Additionally, you should attempt to make sure that the bird bath you buy is no deeper than around two to three inches deep.

If you fill your bird bath any deeper, you are likely to make it difficult for the birds to bathe, and you may even end up driving them away. Additionally, the bird bath must be shallow sloping all round. You really don't want a bowl shape. It must be much shallower - the slower the slope, the better.

Generally, you are looking to imitate a puddle like shape. Birds would otherwise bathe in puddles, so if you want to attract them to your garden, you must make the conditions as puddle-like, and hence favourable, as possible.

If you are opting for a heated bird bath, you should also consider how it is heated, and its temperature control. You only want to heat the birdbath enough to prevent it from freezing, and you should be able to control the temperature to around fifty degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, you should look for all the usual signs of quality, like a good sturdy base and a durable bowl. This should guarantee durability over the longer term, and minimise the need for constant replacements.

Where to find your bird bath

A heated bird bath is definitely an investment, and it can make for a great focal point in any garden. Having said that, bird baths also range widely in price and availability. If you've decided you want a bird bath in your garden, your first port of call should be your local garden store. They will have a wide range of bird baths in stock, so you can get a feel for what exactly you should be looking for.

Many of the birdbaths will be within a garden setting, allowing you to see the bath as it will look in your garden. If you can't find what you're looking for at your garden centre, your next step should be to go online. A quick internet search will reveal loads of results, and you might just find that you can pick up some great bargains too. With a bit of legwork, you are almost guaranteed to find a bird bath that's perfect for you, and perfect for your garden.

Bird baths don't have to cost the earth, and if you know where to look you'll find some really good deals. However, it is important to balance that with the need for quality, and the need for a bowl that is designed to attract birds, rather than a cheap and ineffectual alternative which could drive them away.

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