Heating a Storage Shed

Most homeowners work hard on their homes and gardens so as to achieve the visual effect that they desire; sheer beauty that reflects their own specific tastes and likes. This is largely why many individuals have begun to invest significant time in their gardens and have erected storage sheds there to give them a haven to head to as and when they want to work on their yards and relieve the stress of everyday life.

In late fall, winter and early spring, it may be too cold to spend the amount of time you would like in your storage shed and with no way to increase the temperature you would have to give your hobby up for several months a year. That is, you will unless you consider heating a storage shed.

Considerations For Heating Sheds

You need to consider several factors before installing any form of heating in your storage shed. There are numerous ways of heating a storage shed and you need to choose the right one but cannot do so unless you know the answers to the following questions:

• Is the shed insulated and if it is, how well is it insulated?
• How cold is the atmosphere outside the shed and how high do you need the temperatures to be inside the shed?
• Does your storage shed have a chimney or significant vent?
• What is your storage shed made out of?
• Is there any local water source available, by which it means one that can easily be transported to or transferred to within your storage shed?

When you have the answers to all of those questions, you can begin to decide upon heating a storage shed with one of three options – space heater, wood heater or water/steam heater.

Heating Options

You have three heating options, as outlined above. All of them have strengths and weaknesses and are suitable for certain types of storage shed so take a look at the following points to help you decide which is best for you:

• Space Heater – This is an ideal option for heating a storage shed that is not suitable for full heating installation because all you need to do is set up the heater, plug it in or hook up the gas cylinder and you have heat for as long or as short a period of time as you need it. Space heaters are best used in smaller areas because it would cost a fortune to heat a larger space. Furthermore, they heat up quickly and can be moved around to suit your needs. Just be sure to turn the heater off before you leave and keep it away from heavy traffic areas.

• Wood Heater – Wood stoves are also great ways of heating a storage shed but it is only a suitable method if you have a chimney in situ. Wood heaters do give of smoke and so will need an outlet for it because you would otherwise end up with a problem. This is suitable for larger spaces as the heat given off tends to be considerable but if you do not have the space necessary to put in the necessary vents and chimneys then this could be an expensive mistake.

• Water/Steam Heater – Water and steam heaters are ideal for heating a storage shed if you can install piping in your storage shed. As such, it is better for larger sheds or those that have been connected to the house physically. You will need to have a plumbing system in place so that you can use the radiators to generate heat and will need to make sure that the walls are well insulated or else it will cost you an absolute fortune to heat your shed that way.
Now you know your options for heating a storage shed so all you have to do is decide upon the best option for you.

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