Electric Hedge Trimmers Guide: Buying an Electric Hedge Trimmer

Electric hedge trimmers can really make the task of trimming hedges painless. While some people find pruning with handheld trimmers a relaxing way to while away an hour or two, others prefer the ease of technology. If you have a large amount of hedges on your property or are simply looking for an easy way to get your pruning done and out of the way, consider buying yourself an electric hedge trimmer.

You can find them at most home improvement stores or even the garden area of your local general merchandise stores at certain times of year. You might think this product is a bit of overkill when you are only planning on using it once a year, it will probably come in handy for other jobs as well and could last for up to decades. When deciding to purchase an electric hedge trimmer, make sure you look for these five features; they will help make the job even more tolerable.

Cordless Hedge Trimmers

When you begin shopping for an electric hedge trimmer you will likely notice there are three different power types to choose from. You can choose a corded hedge trimmer, which will be less expensive, if you have only small jobs to do. You can also choose a gas powered trimmer if you have a large property or need to use the trimmer for long periods of time.

The best overall choice however is the cordless electrical hedge trimmer. These trimmers are great for all sized projects and are easy to deal with. They require less upkeep than the gas-powered trimmers and are easier to use than the corded varieties. If you want a great hedge trimmer, a cordless version is the one to choose.

Easy Handling

The way a trimmer handles is one of the most important aspects to using it productively. If you are a smaller person, you will certainly want to pay attention to this. Some trimmers are bulky and heavy to hold. Never buy a trimmer that you feel is too difficult to pick up and hold steady.

There are many lightweight options that are perfect for males and females, and they are especially nice if you will be trimming a large area. You do not want to get tired halfway through and not be able to lug around your heavy trimmer to finish the job, so be sure to try out the models in the store by holding them at arms length in several positions to see which model you like best.

Spool Changing Ease

Something that most people neglect to check out before buying is the spool changing procedures for the model of their choice. Different brands and models will offer different ways to change the replacement spool. Take a look at the model in the store and see if it seems easy to change.

If you think it looks hard in the store, chances are it will be just as difficult at home. Keep this in mind when choosing. Most stores will have each model out of the box and assembled for you to see up close, so it should be easy to get an idea of how quickly this task will go.

Edging Converter

When you are planning to use your hedge trimmer once a year for your hedges, it can be daunting to put out the money for one. On the other hand, today you can find trimmers that not only work for hedges, but also convert to other uses.

One thing to look for in an electric hedge trimmer is an edging conversion. Many hedge trimmers can now convert to edgers. This can be great for any weekly or monthly lawn edging you perform. It essentially lets you have two tools in one machine. Be sure the conversion is an easy one so you will be more likely to use the tool often.

Vegetation Guard

If your hedges are close to other plants which you do not want to harm, look for a trimmer with a vegetation guard. There are many gardeners who will not let their spouse or kids work the trimmer because they run over their plants. A vegetation guard will allow you to trim the hedges or grass without harming any plants nearby. Although you may not see this as a necessary option, you will find it is less time consuming to trim hedges using a trimmer with this option.