Herman Miller Aeron Chair

2 Herman Miller Aeron chairsHaving Herman Miller Aeron chairs in an office will not just make an office look stylish and modern, but will be a tremendous relief to any office workers who find standard office chairs uncomfortable.

Exactly the same as offices coming in all shapes and sizes, so too do office workers; and whilst it might not be economically feasible to fit out an office with custom made chairs for each worker by buying Herman Miller Aeron chairs - office workers can alter their setup so that they are perfectly comfortable and ergonomically sound for them.

Ergonomics of Aeron Chairs

Sitting in one position for long periods of time will restrict blood flow to parts of the body being subjected to the pressure of sitting. One effect of this is a reduction in Oxygen getting to those body parts, which our makes the person sitting become uncomfortable and distracted from their work. Aeron chairs have a patented suspension system on the seat to reduce sitting pressure points, reducing discomfort and helping the office worker to concentrate better on their work.

The backrest is engineered to automatically conform perfectly to the person sitting in the chair and can be angled forwards or backwards. With adjustable arm rests the persons arms can be supported at the ideal height for the desk they’re working at as, of course, can the overall height of the seat from the floor.

Finally, to reduce stress and strain on the legs, the seat itself can be adjusted forwards or backwards, as well as its angle of rake. For people spending a lot of time working at a computer on their desk, they might benefit further from the optional posture and lumbar supports that can be added to some Aeron chairs.

Options for Buying Herman Miller

Aeron chairs come in a variety of finishes to suit a variety of office décors. The basic frame color is graphite with graphite linkages and base. However, you can alternatively have polished aluminum linkages and base or even a smoke frame with titanium linkages and base.

You also have a range of weave types for the fabric used on the frames of the Aeron chairs you select. Aeron chairs are currently only available in leather fabric, in either umber or black.

There are three Herman Miller Aeron chairs to choose from, in this range all of the chairs are anthropometrically designed but only one is built and purposefully designed to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ chair. This is the Model B chair, which is fully adjustable as described above and is suitable for people 5 feet 2 inches to 6 feet 3 inches tall and weighing between 130 and 250 pounds.

The Model A chair, also fully adjustable, is purposefully designed for smaller people whilst the Model C chair is for larger people. The Model A and B chairs are moveable on their castor bases, whereas the Model C chair is less adjustable and has a more conventional base frame.


On delivery any Aeron chair needs adjusting to optimal comfort for the user. There are nine adjustments you can make to an Aeron chair and you may find it necessary to make initial adjustments and then fine tune them later on.

Aeron chairs are delivered with a fully comprehensive manual that will explain how to make all the adjustments and what the adjustments will do for the ‘sitter’. If necessary you can request a Herman Miller Aeron chair representative to advise you on-site as to how best to adjust your new office chairs.

Photo by Jacob Munk-Stander, Creative Commons Attribution License