Hiring Drywall Installers

Hiring anyone to do work in your home can be a daunting task. With so many stories about deadbeat contractors out there who take your money and then never come back, it is understandable that you may be nervous. While hanging drywall is a job that some homeowners choose to do themselves, many find it to be too much work and decide to hire professionals to do the job. Here are a few tips and things to look for when hiring drywall installers.

What to Look For

As with any other service provider that you hire, when hiring drywall installers you will want to find a company that is willing to give you references from past customers. If you choose to follow up on these references, make sure you ask questions not just about the quality of the work that was done, but about whether the work was done on time, if the workers showed up when they were supposed to and if they were comfortable with the work crew that was in their home. If you are paying by the hour instead of by the project, you will want to know if the workers will diligent about staying busy, or if there was a lot of standing around.

While many home improvement jobs can be done quite well by a handyman who works alone, hiring drywall installers may be an instance where it’s best to find a company that utilizes a full crew. Many aspects of a drywall job are done much more efficiently with a crew.

Crew or Single?

If you have ceilings that need to be done or will be using full 16’ sheets of gypsum, then more than one person, and most likely more than two, will be necessary. Make sure that the crew is going to be well staffed enough to handle the work that you are proposing to have them do.

If the drywall work is going to be done in a home that you are already living in, such as in a remodel, you may want to check into hiring drywall installers that utilize a dust removal system. Hanging, and subsequently finishing, drywall is one of the dirtiest jobs in all of interior construction.

Dust can, and will, find its way into just about everything. There are wet sanding solutions available, as well as ventilation systems that help keep this dust to a minimum. While it may be slightly more expensive to use one of these companies, you will most likely find that the extra expense was well worth it.

The bottom line is that you want to hire drywall installers who you are comfortable with. If someone comes to your home to give you a quote and you get the feeling that he would be better off selling used cars, then you should probably keep looking.

As with anything else, personal recommendations from others who have had work done are the best places to start looking. You can find a crew that will do a great job on your drywall installation, you may just have to spend a little finding the right one.