Hitachi Table Saw

Hitachi has been in the power tool market for a while now and has only gotten better with experience. The power tool market is extremely competitive and in order to be successful, a manufacturer has to build up brand loyalty since craftsmen, both DIY'ers and seasoned pros tend to stick with their favorites. The Hitachi table saw has both its loyalists and detractors but it is getting buzz and that is what drives business.

Hitachi's Newest Offering

The Hitachi Power Tools company released its new ten inch pro grade jobsite saw with stand included. This model, the C10RB features a powerful fifteen Amp motor which generates four thousand RPM's that chew through the most challenging of ripping situations.

It comes equipped with an oversized aluminum table top. This gives it the extra support users asked for. It sports twenty four and a half inches of ripping area on the right side and ten inches on the left side. Hitachi's newest offering gives professionals a strong and portable tool.

This table saw comes standard loaded with a direct drive, universal fifteen Amp motor which makes both rip and dado operations clean, smooth and quick. The rip fence is self-aligning and made of sturdy metal and has quick-lock slides. All this makes for a reliable, intuitive and easy setting up experience.

Plenty of Working Surface

The table is larger than you would expect for a jobsite saw. It measures 30-5/32" x 21¾". Not only that but it comes with an adjustable extension that will extend on the right side 24½ inches. This allows it to support larger stock than other table saws will.

A centrally located knob mounted in the front of the saw's base lets the carpenter quickly and easily set the adjustment of the blade's height and bevel with only one hand.

This pro grade portable table saw is equipped with a ten inch 36-tooth carbide saw blade allowing for superior cutting quality. The arbor locking feature provides a convenient blade change using a just one wrench.

The included metal stand is sturdy and supports the saw's base on the job site or in the home shop. It may be taken off and stowed away for easy transport. The stand is equipped with an adjustable foot located on the right leg which assists in stabilizing the table saw when the ground is uneven.

A storage compartment is located in its base to stow the standard accessories in a secure manner during transport. The two and a half inch dust collection chute found at the back of the base is designed to connect to a shop vacuum or a dust collection system to keep the work environment cleaner.

In a nutshell, the qualities in this saw's favor are the competitive price, working capacity, and ease of portability either in the home shop or on the job site.