Baseboard Adhesive vs. Nails

Often people ask if they should use an adhesive or nails when attaching their baseboards. While in most cases nails are preferred, there are some circumstances that would require a good baseboard adhesive.

I would suggest that if you are using wood trim and nailing into wood, to go ahead and use nails. However, you will still want to have some adhesive handy for joints and cracks. So in truth, a combination will be used almost always, but we are referring to the main source of holding the trim to the wall, not patching and filling. Basically, you should use nails whenever possible. You can use a regular construction adhesive to fill in holes and joints.

Crown Moulding Methods

Crown MoldingIn the last ten years or so, certain decorative trends have been spreading like wildfire all over North America.

The presence of DIY shows on TV have lent a lot to these trends, which have undoubtedly helped the average homeowner become much more creative and competent at DIY tasks within the home. One of these trends is the popularity of crown moulding.

Framing Basement Walls

If you are looking to renovate your basement into a comfortable, livable space, you will probably be working with the bare essentials. In order to begin to transform your basement into a nice living areas, you will want to look into framing basement walls for installing drywall and making your house into a home.

Tips for Basement Walls

Post and Beam Construction Archway

Post and beam construction is an architectural details that can add charm and whimsy to any home or building. There are also many different places inside and outside of the home where you can use post and beam construction to create a totally new design.

Post and Beam Archways

Bracing Attic Trusses

Having your attic trusses properly braced is very important for both the structural integrity of the home and the safety of the individual living in the home. Bracing attic trusses improperly could lead to sagging spots on the roof of the home and if areas are not braced at all, it could cause the roof of the home to collapse because the trusses will have no support.