Installing a Cabinet Valance

A valance on a cabinet is usually made from a long and narrow piece of wood; and is used to hide or mask another feature on the cabinet. Installing a cabinet valence is a very easy job for any DIY home enthusiast to do and can greatly enhance the appearance of a cabinet.

Common Joist Problems

Some of the most damaging issues that any person can have with their home are joist problems. They can occur in virtually any area of the home and undermine the structural integrity of the home. For this reason, joist problems must be found quickly and repaired to ensure that further damage does not occur.

Cracked Joists

It is important to find cracked joists before they become completely broken, leading to more costly repairs. In many cases, cracked joists are discovered by accident while the homeowner is conducting a different home improvement project, which is good because generally all of the obstacles to repairing the joist have already been removed.

Wood Siding Corner Treatment

Wood Siding Corner DiagramMethods of finishing wood sidings at exterior corners will be influenced by the overall design of the house structure. Lapped corner boards are appropriate for some designs and mitered joints for others, and in modern construction, metal corner caps are almost always used for outside corners.

Wood Siding Installation

Wood Siding Installation DiagramExterior wood siding is precisely manufactured to standardized sizes. Plain bevel siding is designed to be lapped so that it will shed water and give a dustproof and windproof covering. All the same, spacing for siding should be carefully laid out before the first board is applied.

Exterior Wood Siding

Beveled Wood Siding DiagramOne of the materials most characteristic of the exteriors of American houses is wood siding. The essential properties required for wood siding are good painting characteristics, easy working qualities, and freedom from warp. These properties are present in a high degree in the cedars, eastern white pine, sugar pine, western white pine, cypress and redwood; also to a good degree in western hemlock, ponderosa pine, spruce, and yellow poplar, and to a fair degree in Douglas fir, western larch and southern yellow pine.