Cleaning Tips

Bathtub Calcium Deposits

There is nothing worse than facing the idea of getting into a scummy, dirty bath when all you want to do is have a nice long soak and relax after a long day at work. This is the reality faced by millions of homeowners today though. Many cannot afford entirely new bathroom suites or at least have other plans for their money, and why would they need to buy a new bath when they have a perfectly good one there?

If only they knew how to get rid of those unsightly and off putting bathtub calcium deposits. If you have yet to find out how to do that yet then you have come to the right place as you will find out everything you need to know about calcium deposit removal right here.

What are Calcium Deposits?

Kitchen Grease Removal Tips

No matter how fastidious you are about keeping your kitchen clean, there comes a time when just about needs some kitchen grease removal tips. With so many kitchen grease removal products on the market, all of which claim to be the best, it can be very bewildering exactly which ones are the best to use. In this article you’ll find some tried and trusted tips to help you in your battle for supremacy in kitchen grease removal.

Cleaning Cast Iron

Iron is used around the home in many places, both ornamental and functional; gates, fireplace grates, irons and tongs, railings, balconies, stairways, cooking utensils, scrollwork, radiators, stoves and locks. All of these get dirty from time to time and need the occasional cleaning. With a few simple tools and cleaning compounds you can have your ironwork looking clean and new again.

Steam Cleaning Hardwood Floors

One of the most attractive and durable flooring options is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors come in a variety of colors, grains and types. In the past hardwood floors were finished with a type of paint solution that required a lot of maintenance because the floor had to be polished often in order to maintain its attractiveness.

Today's hardwood floors are finished and sealed, and upkeep is easier because the shine is sealed right into the floor. Depending on the quality of the wood, the sealing process and installation, one may not have to work as hard at maintaining the luster of the flooring. However even today’s hardwood flooring will still require some type of cleaning to retain its original beauty.

Chalkboard Cleaning Tips

ChalkboardAnyone who regularly uses a chalkboard knows how hard cleaning it is. What many don’t know is that a new chalkboard needs to be broken-in for use. There are also a few tricks and tips to cleaning a chalkboard, or blackboard as it is also known.

To break in a new board, take the side of a stick of chalk and completely cover the chalkboard with it. Next, take a regular felt eraser and work the chalkdust into the board’s surface. Repeat the two steps, and then wipe the board clean with a dry chamois or soft, lint-free cloth.