Cleaning Tips

House Cleaning Checklist

For people leading busy modern lives having a house cleaning checklist is pretty well the only way to make sure that all of the household cleaning tasks get carried out regularly. Some of the following ideas can be left for that ‘once a year’ spring cleaning, whereas others should be done monthly or weekly, if not even more regularly.

A 25 point checklist for cleaning your house:

1) Wipe down any wall tiles with a degreasing agent; you might also want to clean the grout with an anti-molding compound.

Steam Cleaning Slate Floors

It is a perfectly reasonable question to ask as to why anyone would want to bother to go steam cleaning slate floors. However, the simple fact of the matter is that cleaning a slate floor with steam is better for both the slate floor and the environment, compared to using some of the more traditional chemical preparations for cleaning slate. Furthermore, using steam to clean a slate floor, especially in a kitchen or bathroom, will ensure also that any harmful bacteria or microbes are completely eliminated.

Steam Cleaning Mops

How Safe Are Your Home Cleaning Products?

Almost everyone comes across some type of cleaning product everyday and we don't always know what ingredients are in these products. Many common household cleaning products contain ingredients that could potentially harm the environment, and can even cause harm to people. It is important to know what cleaning products are safe to use especially if you have small children. With such a large focus on being environmentally friendly, there are increasing numbers of all natural products on the market that are becoming easier to find everyday.

Cleaning Wood Paneling

Exactly how you need to set about cleaning wood paneling will to some extent depend on the wood that was used for the paneling and the finish that was applied to it. However, the following should give you more than enough information to at least make a start on cleaning your wood paneling.

Painted Wood Paneling

To start with, and in order to avoid rubbing more dirt into the paneling, using a duster or fine and lightweight brush, remove any surface dust from the paneling. When doing this, do make sure that you clean between the joints, along any seams and adornments to the paneling. If the paneling has an enamel paint surface you can then clean it thoroughly with any detergent or preparatory cleaning agent.

Spring Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning picturesFollowing some of the spring cleaning tips from the character of Mole, in ‘The Wind in the Willows’, could serve you well whilst some other of his other tips might not be so helpful. Using brooms and dusters are good ideas - but simply giving up with a “bother” or “oh blow”, really wouldn’t help. Quite probably the best spring cleaning tip of all is simply to stick at it until you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home from top to bottom.

Be Safe