Cleaning Tips

Vinyl Siding Cleaning Tips

One of the easiest ways for cleaning vinyl siding is with a pressure washer. The important thing is that you follow these easy vinyl siding cleaning tips so that everything works out the way you want it to when using the pressure washer.

Cleaning Enamel Bathroom Tub Tips

New enamel bathroom tubs are some of the most durable of all, but they are also expensive. The last thing you want to do is damage one through improper cleaning methods.

Antique bathtubs made of porcelain enamel can also present challenges when it comes to cleaning them. They are particularly prone to damage from bleach, abrasive cleansers, and drain opening chemicals.

Simplest Method for Every Day

Removing Limestone Water Stain

Water stains on limestone can be a frustrating problem because the stains mar the beauty of the expensive stone items in the home. The problems can occur on any type of limestone surface, although the issues are much more common with limestone countertops and tabletops than with other types of limestone products. Removing limestone water stain and other types of stains on stone can be accomplished by the homeowner by using a specialized compound and a little elbow grease.

Cleaning Solutions For Limestone Stain

Black Window Mold

There are various forms of mildew and mold in existence that could cause your home to weaken or even crumble in front of your very eyes. This may sound dramatic and it should do because that is the reality of the situation unless you actually take care of the problem as soon as you notice that it is there. One of the worst forms of mold that you could encounter in your home is black window mold.

What Is Black Mold

There are actually two kinds of black mold. The first is actually toxic mold that will grow in and on drywall. The second is a less harmful mold that will manifest itself in the window frames, no matter what they are made of.

Cleaning Under Appliances

When cleaning in the home it can be easy to forget about cleaning under appliances. The appliance itself might be sparklingly clean, even looking as if it’s brand new. The surfaces and floor around the appliance will also be spotless - but what dirt and grime might be lurking underneath the appliance?