Cleaning Tips

Carpet Stain Removal for New Parents

Carpet Stain Removal for New ParentsCarpet stain removal comes with any home that has a warm, comfortable carpet beneath the owners' feet and a new baby or toddler in the house. Stains are the norm for parents and the carpet tends to be the place they seem to collect the most.

This carpet stain removal guide details some of the more common stains you may come across with a newborn, the ones that somehow manage to by-pass the bib, slip from the baby tray, bounce off the tiled kitchen floor, out of the baby bottle or sippy cup, and right on to that carpet that used to look as good as new.

Dog Urine Removal

We all love our dogs but they can have their problems and urinating inside the house is certainly one of them. They may do this to mark their territory, because of incontinence, or just because they can. They might even do it out of a sense of rebellion – because they know they are not supposed to. Whatever the reason, we need a method of dog urine removal.

Cleaning Terracotta Tiles

As floor coverings go, terracotta tiles are prized for their natural appearance and rich colors. On the downside, they can be a little high maintenance if you don’t install them in appropriate areas of your home. When it comes to cleaning terracotta tiles, you should know in advance how to do it so that you can keep your floors looking gorgeous all the time.

Limestone Cleaning Products Closer than you Think

Limestone is a beautiful and durable material that is used in many homes, particularly as an excellent flooring choice. Limestone cleaning products are available that offer the deep cleaning properties we need as well as those that can handle the generally day to day cleaning that most homes and floors require.

The thing to remember is that some degree of care should be taken not only when caring for limestone on a daily basis but also in managing stains and spills before they have the opportunity to become an issue.

Carpet Stain Removal on Old and New Carpets

After the actual construction of your house, the carpet you decide upon can be one of the biggest investments you will make. You will likely spend days wandering through carpet showrooms, considering styles, loops, shags, textures, colors, durability, fashion and so many more facets that once it is finally laid, it will be a relief!

Before you even sign on the dotted line, however, ask about the carpet stain removal techniques that you will need to employ if, heaven forbid, a blotch or smear finds its way on to your precious investment.