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How to Remove Smoke Smell from a House

smoke smell from a houseThe odors from smoke, be they from cigarettes or because of a fire, can take away much of your pleasure you obtain from your home. The effects of unpleasant odors can leave you feeling nauseous or with headaches, as well as with an overall sense of annoyance at the constant irritation. The following will provide you with some help on how to remove smoke smell from a house and its rooms.

Coffee Stain Removal Tips

Coffee stains are notoriously stubborn, and there are many old wives tales about the best ways to shift them. In this article, we will look at some of the best, tried and tested methods for coffee stain removal from soft furnishings and carpet, as well as from surfaces like counter tops and tables.

Removing Stains From Clothing

It is so easy to spill coffee on clothing, but it's not nearly as easy to get it out! Coffee stain removal from clothing requires a great deal of persistence, but also a sensible approach. Firstly, take the garment and run it under cold water on the inside over the stain, i.e. the back of the stain. This should definitely loosen it off.

Granite Cleaner

If you are going to be cleaning granite surfaces, then you should think about using a granite cleaner. There are several products on the market that will clean granite quickly and easily, and most of them will not leave a residue. The type of granite cleaner that you should use will depend a lot on what you have available to you, as well as the location of the granite that needs to be cleaned.

Prevention is your Best Bet

Mildew Stain Removal Tips

Most homeowners are familiar with the process of mildew stain removal in a bathroom but it is important to note that mildew can cause staining on a variety of other surfaces. Mildew is a mold and may attack and stain surfaces such as clothing, leather, paper, upholstery, painted and unpainted surfaces as well as the tile surfaces in a bathroom.

Mildew is a mold which thrives in a moist and warm environment when it has access to inorganic materials. This article will examine the process of mildew stain removal on some of these other surfaces.

Mildew Stain Removal on Clothing

Carpet Mold Remedies

Indoor air quality in the home is a growing concern for homeowners. Mold in the carpet can create poor indoor air quality. There are estimated to be over 1,000 different types of mold found in the United States. Carpet mold alone can lead to health problems for all of the occupants of a home. It is no surprise that carpet mold remedies are in high demand.

Preventing Carpet Mold