Steel Frame Residential Homes

 Steel Frame Residential ConstructionWhether you’re planning on building a traditional house or something more unusual designed by an architect, you could consider building it with a steel frame. Steel framed residential properties normally use light gauge steel for most of the frame, with the key members being made from hot rolled steel. Generally the light steel frame will be clad in brickwork, but the hot rolled steel when left exposed can make the property stand out from its neighbors, as can leaving exposed the steel window and door frames.

Architecture and Steel Frame

Straw Bale Construction

 Straw Bale Ceiling InstallationStraw bale construction is not a new concept by any stretch of the imagination. In centuries gone by, villagers in rural areas would use straw bale construction to build their home and found that their straw structures would stand up to the tests of time and weather.

However, this method of building was largely forgotten when brick structures were introduced and society became a bit more affluent. That is not to say that straw bale construction has not begun to enjoy its former popularity in modern society because it has, largely thanks to the fact that it is an environmentally friendly way of building your own home.

Using Structural Insulated Panels

 Structural Insulated Panels DiagramA Structural Insulated Panel is a sandwich of an internal core that is an insulating material like polyurethane foam between outer sheaths that are often made from plywood or MDF.

Oriented Strand Board

 Oriented Strand Board Subfloor InstallationOriented Strand Board (OSB) is a popular and durable paneling product. In the USA and Canada it’s often made from strands of aspen and poplar, or other such hardwoods; that have been bonded together under high heat and pressure with a waterproof adhesive.

The use of the term strand here is in the context of a wafer or small thin sheet of material and the term ‘oriented’ denotes that the outer ‘strands’ of a panel are arranged to run lengthwise along it, similar to the construction of a plywood, making it strongest along its length, compared to the width.

Making Oriented Strand Board Panels

Stair Construction Tips

There are many different kinds of stairs and thus the stair construction tips vary depending on the material used. So, let’s look at the process of adding wood stairs.

First off, all stairs have two central components in common: the tread and the stringer. The tread is the flat part that you actually walk on, and the stringer (also known as the horse or carriage) is the vertical support that holds up the tread.

Steps in Building the Steps